Wednesday, October 17, 2018

30 Ideas for a Blog Series

by Katy Kauffman @KatyKauffman28

This special season of autumn ushers in some favorite traditions—sipping on pumpkin spice lattes or hot apple cider, collecting crimson leaves on cool walks in the evening, and dodging spider webs in corn mazes. Why not add a new tradition to your fall calendar? A blog series. 

Blogging week after week becomes daunting. It’s hard to come up with new ideas for blog posts in the midst of a busy schedule. Don’t panic. Relieve some of the pressure of blogging weekly by incorporating series into your blogging calendar. 

When we write a series on our blogs, we have a plan that relieves anxiety and opens the floodgates of creativity. We can choose the theme, and before we ever start the series, we can brainstorm posts to fit into that theme. 

A series can last from three weeks to twelve (or more). Allow yourself some spontaneity by scheduling some “random” posts between the series. Then enjoy a schedule of planned and unplanned topics.  

Which of these 30 ideas fit the purpose and style of your blog?

Personal Lessons
  1. 10 lessons God has taught you so far in 2018 
  2. 5 reasons why you know that Jesus is the Rock in the storms of life
  3. 3 unforgettable lessons learned from a parent, mentor, or friend
  4. 6 things in nature that have taught you more about life with God
  5. 3 times that you nearly gave up on something, but God enabled you to persevere
  6. 4 short phrases people said to you that changed your life forever
  7. 5 truths that turn life’s trials into treasures

Favorite Topics
  1. 6 encouraging posts based on your go-to topic—what topic do you always come back to without thinking about it?
  2. 4 devotions about your favorite Bible verse
  3. 3 things you love about Jesus that every person who believes in Him can count on
  4. 3 posts about a favorite quotation said by someone famous (or not so famous)

About the Bible and Spiritual Things
  1. 6 devotions about Bible characters whose stories fit a particular theme (faith, courage, or love)
  2. 4 short stories that illustrate truths Jesus taught
  3. 6 reasons why prayer is needed in our generation
  4. 7 parables Jesus taught in the Gospels and how they apply to life today
  5. 4 prayers for the persecuted church located around the world
  6. 6 ways that God helps us to wait on Him
  7. 10 reasons why we should persevere in the work God has given us to do

About Your Writing, Others’ Writing, or the Writer’s Life
  1. 4 topics from your current book project (according to your agent or editor’s discretion)
  2. The story behind the book – 5 reasons why you are writing your current project 
  3. 6 reviews of books you read or movies you watched in 2018
  4. 5 ways for people to dance, not drag themselves, through a busy schedule
  5. 7 meal plans for busy writers (Please share this one with us, so we can see it!)

About the Holidays
  1. 4 special ways around the holidays that we can show our family and friends we love them
  2. According to the current season, 3 years’ holidays you’ll never forget (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or so forth)
  3. 4 things we can learn from the people of the Nativity 
  4. 3 ways we can show God’s love at Christmastime
  5. 5 resolutions for the new year and how NOT to give up on them
  6. 3 posts about why Good Friday wasn’t the end of the story and how Easter Sunday confirms what happened the day Jesus died
  7. 7 holidays we celebrate each year and how to keep God and His love at the center of them

Don’t let blogging every week overwhelm you. Plan now, and save yourself some headaches later. What you write on your blog not only encourages your readers, but allows them to know you and your message better. So brainstorm now, and enjoy this season and every season as you reach your audience with encouragement, creativity, and the truth. 

In the comments below, tell us 3 of the 30 ideas that appeal to you the most. Keep blogging, and happy fall!

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Katy Kauffman is an award-winning author, an editor of Refresh Bible Study Magazine, and a co-founder of Lighthouse Bible Studies. Her first compilation, Breaking the Chains, won a 2018 Selah finalist award. Her second compilation, Heart Renovation: A Construction Guide to Godly Character, released this summer. Katy’s writing can be found at,,, two blogs on writing, in online magazines, and on devotional blogs. She loves spending time with family and friends, making jewelry, and hunting for the best peanut butter cookies. Connect with her at her blogand on Facebookand Twitter.


  1. Good stuff. And since I'm a planner, these are great. I've used series before, but these are some I haven't thought of. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for these great ideas, Katy.

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad you liked them. Thanks for commenting, Marilyn!

  3. Great ideas Ms. Katy. I've had to create a special "\KatyFaufmann" folder just to keep all of your wonderful counsel. God's blessings ma'am.

  4. Thank you posting this, great ideas and fresh fodder for the mind.

  5. Ok, AWESOME! How did I manage without you in my life, Katy?! 3 ideas? Well, it is more accurate to say 3 x 10! ☺️

    1. I'm so glad you liked them. I love your comment. Just not sure how to respond except I am sending an invisible hug. Thanks for reading these and thinking they work!

  6. Kathy, Wow, you have given us LOTS of ideas to use! Thanks very much. The three ideas that appeal the most to me are 1) holidays we will never forget, 2) 5 ways to dance...through a busy schedule and 3) unforgettable lessons learned from a friend.

    Thanks again, Roberta Sarver

    1. Thank you, Roberta, for your comment! I like the ones you picked. I think the one on unforgettable lessons I may try for the new year. Happy blogging!

  7. What a great jump-start for planning a blog calendar! Thank you. I like the following:
    1) 5 ways for people to dance, not drag themselves, through a busy schedule
    2)10 reasons why we should persevere in the work God has given us to do
    3)7 parables Jesus taught in the Gospels and how they apply to life today
    4)According to the current season, 3 years’ holidays you’ll never forget (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or so forth)

    1. Thank you for telling which ones you liked, Jeannie. I liked the ones you picked. Number 2 would probably be one I'd want to blog about in 2019. Thanks for commenting!

  8. What a wonderful list. Since I started blogging, I choose a theme for each month of the year and then I attempt to stick to that theme or topic. I do have some times I bring in other subjects, book reviews, interviews,or sometimes, a post about what is going on in my life. I will print out this post and keep it near as I plan for 2019.

    1. I am glad you found this post helpful! Choosing a different theme per month would keep series short and mix things up regularly. Thank you for sharing that.

  9. Such a helpful list, Katy. . .thanks!😊

  10. So glad I've found this. Perfect as I am just starting out on my blog. Thank you!

    1. Over a year later, I hope things are going well on your blog! Thank you for your comment.