Saturday, September 29, 2018

Promoting Your Book Through a Facebook Group

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

There are a lot of ways to promote our books: 

  • Launch teams (sometimes known as street teams)
  • Paid ads (like BookBub or other outlets)
  • Facebook parties
  • Launch events and signings
  • Interviews
  • Blog posts
The list goes on and on. The question tends to be less about what we CAN do than what we SHOULD do. 
This isn't a post that claims to have all the answers. I just want you to be aware of another way to promote your book—Facebook groups.

I found out about the value of this through my friend, Cynthia Cavanaugh. Cynthia has an active Facebook group—Live Bold. She asked if she could use my newest book, Soul Care When You're Weary, as a group study during the month of August. 

Of course I didn't even hesitate to say yes. But I had no idea what a boost that would give my book as it launched. 

The image I shared on social media about my event.
Did it Help?
It catapulted the book to the top of its Amazon lists, where it stayed for several weeks. So yes, it was a HUGE help in launching the book.

I had planned to do a Facebook group study myself with this book, but after the experience with Cynthia's group, I went ahead with the plans. I did wonder if I'd be able to get much traction since it had been so popular in her group, but decided to try. 

On Thursday I shared the information through all my social media networks announcing the 6-week study, praying for twenty people. Since Thursday, I've had 75 people sign up for the class. 

Why Write a Blog Post Now Instead of When I'm Finished?

Two reasons:
  1. I want anyone who wishes to join in and watch how I run a group like this so you can duplicate it for your book. 
  2. I want anyone who would enjoy the study to have a chance to join in.
Giveaway Swag!
What Else Have I Done?
I do better when I have a plan, so here is what I've already got in place:
  • I came up with a workable schedule. I'll be doing a 20-minute Facebook Live broadcast every Tuesday evening at 8:30pm EST. I'll also be sharing at least 2 more times in the FB group.
  • I have come up with a detailed outline of how the next 6 weeks will go. I have my devotion topics for each FB Live, projects, coloring pages, etc. I've done my best to get as much done ahead of time as possible
  • I have pulled together a large pile of giveaway swag. During the 6 weeks I'll be drawing weekly winners to win fun things. I also have 2 Grand Prizes planned for those who stick with me through the study. 

I'm excited to get to hang out with so many during the next 6 weeks. I'm also looking forward to sharing a how-did-this-work post when I'm done. 

If you want to join, here's the link to our Soulful Ink Facebook Group. I'd love to have you for a little hands-on, creative soul care!

So now it's your turn. Have you used FB Groups to promote your book or build your platform? What questions do you have for me?

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  1. My first children's book was recently published. "Licky the Lizard" is available on Amazon. I have shared with my Facebook groups, shared on my author page on Goodreads and Facebook, wrote guest blog posts, have been interviewed for various blogs and continue to market the book via online and in person. Yes, I have benefited by sharing about the book in groups. I am thankful for the many ways to share.

    1. Melissa, sounds lovely Ken you’ve done a great job! Thank for sharing 😊 Blessings, E