Saturday, April 7, 2018

Let Spring Thaw Your Writing

by Tim Suddeth @TimSuddeth

In our neck of the woods (don’t you love that expression), the temperature has risen and we’re enjoying some early spring-like weather. The flowers are so confused. The weather analysts remind us that winter isn’t over. But, for now, we can enjoy the sunshine, the early blooms (before allergy season hits), and the pleasant temperatures until we have to dig out the heavy coats again.

It’s been a cold, gloomy winter, made even worse by the unusually high threat of that mean, nasty flu. (We’re not supposed to overuse adjectives, but this bug deserves every one.)

Spring can’t come soon enough. If you walk into one of the gardening centers, you’ll see I’m not alone in feeling this way.

Writers have our own winters. Writing is such a solitary endeavor. When you add in the fact that many of us are introverts, it’s a wonder we ever get out of the house. DiAnn Mills would say that’s why they have coffee houses.

But it’s not just that we get shut in, sometimes our writing gets shutdown. The pump has run dry. Or, sticking with our weather analogy, it froze. Whether in our personal writing, polishing our work for publication, or trying to keep up with the latest social media update, there are times we can’t seem to keep the words flowing.

So, how can we bring in some spring to heat up our writing?
1. Get out of the cave. 

Roll your neck, stand up from your chair, open the door, and step outside. Yes, butt-in-chair is what we do, but sometimes we need to get away to get the words flowing again. Find people. They used to be at the mall, I don’t know where they are now.

Recently, I went to the Asheville Christian Writers Conference at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove. It was the weekend before Dr. Graham passed, and it will always be a sweet memory. He and his family have touched the volunteers there so deeply and so many have stories to share. While walking around the display on the first floor, you see the impact his life had all over the world. One life, with a lot of support people.

But the conference was such an encouragement to me. Seeing friends I’ve met and known there, meeting new attendees, and hearing how their writing trails are going, what their plans are. It made getting back in the seat on Monday a joy and something to look forward to.

2. If you can’t go out into spring, bring some in.

I understand how hard it is to get away. The cost, finding time to get away from work, family obligations, you may not be in a position to take a weekend or a few days off and get away. If you can’t, there are other ways to renew your writing passion.

Find a book that teaches on a particular area you want to work on. While I was at the Cove, Lin Johnson led a workshop and recommendedChristian Publishing 101as a book that is like a mini-conference. It has short chapters by various authors on a range of subjects writers encounter. You can search on our older posts to find other helpful books.

You can also find online courses, blogs, and workshops. There is something online for every subject and most budgets.

The main thing is to dust yourself off and decide what’s holding you back. Maybe you need to break some bad habits and replace them with helpful ones.

I often spend a few hours watching reruns of a show I’ve seen several times, because that is what I do that time of the week. I do it without even thinking. Bad habits can slip in unawares and we become comfortable with them without even knowing how they got there.

Some of you are like the winter athletes and crave for longer winters. That’s when you are most productive. You’ve been deceived by the dark force, but that’s okay. We’ll accept you anyway, strange as you may be. (Did you watch the half-pipe or the luge? How does anyone even get started?)

But even they shed their layers and find new activities to enjoy.

When spring arrives, we become enthused with new energy and focus. Look for ways you can bring a new energy into your writing. Who knows what that will mean for your writing.? Well, of course, He does. Who knows, He could be planning it right now.

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Tim Suddeth has been published in Guideposts’ The Joy of Christmas and on He’s working on his third manuscript and looks forward to seeing his name on a cover. He is a member of ACFW and Cross n Pens. Tim’s lives in Greenville, SC with his wife, Vickie, and his happy 19-year-old autistic son, Madison.  Visit Tim at and on Facebook and Twitter. He can be also reached at


  1. Thanks for the pep talk. I needed it, since I'm a SAD sufferer in a state where winters are long and dark.(MI) Here we've had spring-like weather in March, but now in April, winter has re turned with icy winds and snow. That's so depressing. So, again, thanks for the uplift in spirit and the reminder that spring will come soon.

    1. I think you are still getting snow. You might need to watch some Hawaii Five O reruns.

  2. Hey Mr. Tim. Spring is all over the place here along the Red River. Clover is blooming, pasture grasses are knee-high, and all the livestock spend their days with heads down eating or lounging by the pond. Spring does reinvigorate our writing souls doesn't it? Thanks for the wonderful suggestions. God's blessings sir...

  3. We're closer to Michigan. Our weather was rather nice a few days ago, but we've had snow this last week, and now our wood stove furnace is trying to keep up AGAIN. Our tulips are still growing -slowly- and I don't know exactly how. This morning it was 13 degrees. Good thoughts, Mr. Tim. ~Donevy

  4. I can't wait for spring-like weather.
    Thanks for the encouraging words.

  5. This is really good. I have no excuse as I live in an area where I can just walk outdoors and get a fresh perspective. Someday I will get to a writer's retreat or conference, Lord-willing. :)