Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Enjoyment of Writing

by Del Duduit @DelDuduit

When I put my thoughts down on paper, it makes me appreciate any moment or situation better.

I can understand circumstances in a different way I never before considered. At times, I even change my mind on a few issues, or at least I see the other side from another perspective.

The written word has power.

The Declaration of Independence was put down on paper with pen.

When Japan surrendered to the United States, it was in written word.

Francis Scott Key was inspired to pen the words of the beautiful Star-Spangled Banner with a quill and paper.

Songs and poems are initially scribbled or typed after an inspirational moment.

A unique and magnificent (sometimes frustrating) event happens when I sit down and begin a new journey with the keyboard. God’s spirit swoops in the room and we enjoy a glorious moment together.

Most of the time when I begin a blog, I start with a thought that travels through my mind’s bizarre and creative paths.

The written word for me does not take a direct road. When I come to the end, I have taken an emotion-filled roller coaster ride.

I relive memories or make up a new destination where I want to go. Parts of the world are shut out, and it comes down to me and the keys. I can vent on my computer, and I can laugh and cry. Writing has become a therapeutic friend of mine. If I type words I don’t like, I can hit delete. When I blurt out a regretful or silly wrong word to person, I have to apologize. I’d rather wipe it off the screen.

When I get ahead of myself and type faster than my brain can function, I must slow down because the words come out like *7@%2#4!. They don’t make sense. But when I take my time and gather my thoughts, sweet sentences and scenarios are formed and it all comes together—somehow.

When I write, it is a therapist who does not charge but will tell me if I don’t make sense. And when I do a positive act, it rewards me with a warm and long-overdue sensation of self-worth and personal accomplishment.

Here are the top five reasons I enjoy writing:
  1. Writing inspires me. When I start an article or blog, I have an outline in mind. However, each new sentence and paragraph takes me down a different road, and it leads to a new lesson or outlook when I am finished. I have started out with one topic in mind and have finished in a different way. I love that. I become excited and emotional when the creative part of writing takes over. I cannot fully explain it—but it’s thrills me to see where it takes me.
  2. Writing makes me reflect. For example, I wrote a blog about Father’s Day. The entire time I sat at my computer to type, I recalled my dad and the great times we spent together. The experience made me examine my time as a father. Had I done a good job? When I see how my sons have turned out, I am proud.
  3. Writing puts situations in proper perspective. When I write about the events of my life and compare them to others, I realize how much I depend on my family and God.
  4. Writing makes me learn.  No matter what I am going to write about, I must research so I don’t come across as ignorant and write something false. Because of this, I have shoved in all sorts of crazy minutia which makes me an excellent Trivia Pursuit player.
  5. Writing makes me humble. I feel this way at times when I retell all the wonderful experiences I have lived when I write. Over the years, I have been recognized with awards and opportunities to meet different people who interest me. I have met some fabulous professional athletes and established great friendships because of my hobby. I am humbled when I hear from total strangers how my stories have impacted them. At times, I feel like I make a small difference in this big world.

Writing is a familiar old friend who always welcomes me back home. For many years, life got in the way and I either wrote sporadically or not at all. Now I have returned to this journey without any questions asked about where I have been. Just a warm invite to enter and express my thoughts as I wish. No comments are snide remarks. No judgment. My heart and mind on paper once again—along with a cup of coffee on my desk.


Del Duduit is an award-winning writer and author who lives in Lucasville, Ohio with his wife, Angie. They attend Rubyville Community Church. Follow his blog at and his Twitter @delduduit. He is represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency.


  1. Great insights, Del.
    I agree, the written word has power! Remember, without writing there is no history. By definition, everything that happened before the invention of writing is considered pre-history.
    The power of narrative is at the heart of every human culture. Without story telling, facts are just facts, not epics.
    Blessings, and may you continue finding enjoyment in writing.

  2. I recently had the joy of going so deeply into my character that it took me several minutes to reorient myself to the real world. I think my writing is at its best when I get that involved and I thank God for the unique experience.

  3. It's good to reflect on the positive power of writing. Thank you for this inspirational piece!