Thursday, February 9, 2017

Quotes on Love & Marriage from Warren Adler

by Warren Adler @WarrenAdler

On Marriage…

Those of us who marry for love, must understand that there is no logic to love. It strikes from nowhere and goes through stages. For the lucky ones it endures, deepens and morphs into deep commitment and friendship.

The cruelest joke is on those who enter the marriage bond only to discover that the love aspect was no more than a passing illusion, a false expectation, a lie fueled by imagination.

Marriage is losing its allure as people opt for partnerships based on verbal commitment rather than legal. Perhaps, it is because couples fear love’s endurance to bind the exclusive relationship through a lifetime.

Divorce is like a pencil eraser. Unfortunately, the eraser never completely obliterates the original scribbles.

To have a Mom and Dad throughout one’s childhood and beyond is a gift to be cherished.

There is nothing crueler in the pantheon of emotion than the loss of a beloved spouse to death or dementia.

There is no greater gift than enduring love.

On Love…
Why him? Why her? It is an eternal mystery.

I have devoted a lifetime to writing stories about why people fall in love, how they make their choices, and how long such attraction endures; yet I still can only trust my instincts to manipulate romantic love between fictional characters.

While we have no idea why love happens, we do know that it has the most awesome power over humans. It can be ecstatic, exalting, blissful, as well as murderous and lethal. It has provoked jealousy, and a number of life changing crises and earth shattering historical events—it is the single most powerful emotion in life and literature.

When, why, and who cupid aims his arrows is the most puzzling mystery in the history of mankind.

There is nothing more painful than to love deeply and not have that love returned with the same intensity.

It is impossible to be forced to love someone. Nor can one choose the object of his love. It chooses him or her.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more, Warren. Love can be the most exhilarating and frustrating emotion, at the same time. Yet, we live for it. Thanks for this great reminder.

  2. Warren, this is an incredible post in many ways. I was raised by a single mom; was married, had children then went through a divorce; tried living single; then "accidently" found the love of my life. I've seen this from about every angle possible. As we begin our 20th year of marriage you are 100% dead on the money that there is no greater gift than enduring love. Our Father showed the way, yet so many make life's journey without this gift. Thank you.

  3. Those are great quotes, Warren. Love is a riddle in search of a solution. To know love is what makes life worthwhile.

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