Thursday, December 15, 2016

What Is Amazon Marketing Services, and Should I Be Using It? (Part 1)

by Cyle Young @CyleYoung

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is the newest marketing opportunity that you can utilize as an author. You must have an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account to participate. The best benefit of AMS is that your advertisements will be seen by buyers who are kindle readers.

Unlike Facebook Ads, which can cost you hundreds of dollars in advertisements to people who do not own a kindle, AMS offers you the opportunity to define your audience to a very specific group of people—readers who use kindle apps or platforms, and readers who buy books on Amazon.

You can be assured that by using AMS you will have the best opportunity to acquire sales from kindle readers. No other advertising platform can offer such a defined market—not even the infamous, Bookbub!

One of the great benefits to AMS, is that it allows you to customize the keywords that you are targeting. For one of my recent adds, I imported a list of over 1000 keywords and phrases that covered every conceivable and searchable term or chain of words related to my topic.

AMS reports specifically on the success of each keyword, showing you how many impressions the keyword delivered, how many clicks came as a result of the keyword, and how many sell throughs were associated with that keyword. No other marketing platform can give those kind of specific details.

Every promotion and marketing service has its strengths and weaknesses, but for an author with books listed on Amazon, AMS is currently providing excellent results. I highly suggest it at this time.

Be forewarned, as with any marketing opportunity, overtime as more people begin to use AMS it will become less effective at delivering results, but for now it is still providing a wonderful return on your investment.

Should an author begin using Amazon Marketing Services?

Yes, Immediately.

Comment below with any questions about AMS, and/or comment about your results with AMS if you have used it so far.

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  1. This sounds great, Cyle. How long do you suspect before it becomes less productive?

    1. I would say it will work decent for the next year or so, but you can never know for sure. :)

  2. Thanks for your updates and information, Cyle. Help always appreciated. Pray that you and your family have a joyous Christmas!

  3. The program offers two marketing options--Sponsored Products and Product Display Ads, both of which are confusing to me. An author must choose "bid amounts," as well as how much we're willing to spend on the campaign. I have no idea what to pick or which option would be best. Can you help clarify the differences?

    For example, if I'm offering my book for FREE for three days, would I want Sponsored Products with a $100 budget minimum? In Product Display Ads--which is less expensive, from what I can tell--an author can select a date range, but the campaign lasts for months. Also, what "bid price" do you select per click?


    1. I prefer sponsored product ads, because you can highly target with keywords. I set my bid price low to maximinize my opportunities for less competitive keywords. I set $0.25 as bid price but usually pay $0.10-$0.17 each click.

  4. nice to my e books on amazon