Monday, October 10, 2016

Posting a Facebook Live Video from a Page (not a personal profile)

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

Most of us are aware of the option of recording Facebook Live Videos. These are a great way to increase visibility on Facebook. But, posting these from a Professional Page isn’t as easy as you might imagine. So today I’m going to go over the basics of what you need to do to have a successful FB live video, and how to post one from a professional page.

Basics of a Successful Facebook Live Broadcast
(These tips apply equally when posting from a page or a personal profile)
  • 1. Give your video a compelling description and title. This will draw people in and make it easier to find in the future.
  • 2. Advertise the event the day before and again several hours before.
  • 3. Invite people to send in questions ahead of time that you can address in the video.
  • 4. Remember that the longer the length of the video, the more people will see the video. This means 20 – 30 minutes is a good length of time to prepare for.
  • 5. Be sure to talk to those watching and posting questions and comments. But don’t forget to reference those who are watching the replay.
  • 6. When you’re finished recording, save it to your camera role and then upload it to YouTube so you can post it other places besides Facebook.

Posting a Facebook Live Video From a Professional Page
At this time, if your professional page isn’t a verified page, there isn’t a way to click something a broadcast live from a page ON YOUR COMPUTER. But you can do it from your smart phone or most android tablets.

NOTE: these images were taken on my iPad, but are similar on my iPhone and on an android device. In some instances the menu option may be at the top of the page instead of the bottom and vice versa.

Step One: Pull up your Facebook news feed on your device and click on the hamburger menu in the bottom right. (It’s those 3 horizontal lines and is referred to as a hamburger because that’s sort of what it resembles.) See the screenshot below.

(Step One Screenshot)
Step Two: After you click the menu, a list of your professional pages will appear. Choose the one you wish to broadcast live from and click it. See the screenshot below.

(Step Two Screenshot)

Step Three: When you choose the page and click it, you’ll be taken there. Now, click PUBLISH. Don’t worry, it won’t immediately begin the broadcast. See the screenshot below.

(Step Three Screenshot)
Step Four: You see the area at the top where it says SAY SOMETHING. This is where you’ll again post the title and description of your broadcast. After you’ve entered that, click on LIVE VIDEO to begin. See the screenshot below.

(Step Four Screenshot)
It really isn’t that difficult. Videos on FB are taking the majority of the hits. This makes it a good way to give your professional page a boost. It’s also a good way to increase the views on your personal profile.

Be sure to post your questions, and especially your personal experiences with Facebook Live.

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  1. This is perfect timing for me to encourage me to do more Live broadcasts. With your tips, they will even be better! Thank you!!