Saturday, August 6, 2016

What Do You See?

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

"It is not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. -Henry David Thoreau

As writers, we have a unique opportunity to focus our reader's attention on something different. Share some of the authors who have done that for you, and inspired you to do that in your own writing. 

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  1. As a writer, I tend to see deeper into things than my family. When I mention it, you'd get a kick out of their sxpressions. 😳

  2. 45 years of marriage has shown me that even though you love someone deeply and are on the same page, you can see a situation quite differently - even to the point of drawing virtually opposite conclusions. Appreciating a particular author's point of view or style in ink is what makes me read. Hoping to do the same for others and having the feeling that I've done that because I looked deeper is why I write.

  3. C.S. Lewis has been my biggest influence in this area.
    Orson Scott Card, Asimov and Jacqueline Winspear have helped see new worlds and to get a glimmer of the power of imagination and story telling to influence people.

  4. so many!! seems [most] everything i read, there's something, some new twist or description that piques my own juices. and Ane, i've felt the same thing for years, i see and understand more than most people i know, and they're either fascinated or confused by my insight!

  5. As a former intermediate (4th/5th grade) teacher, I am drawn to books written for that age. Three of my favorites: Richard Peck (Remembering the Good Times), Sharon Creech (Walk Two Moons) and Ann Haywood Leal (Also Known as Harper). The plots in their books are not meant just to surprise - they are lessons and encouragement to look for what is true and real and valuable. I saw Richard Peck years ago - and he said, "I don't give kids what they want. I give them what they need." Love it.

  6. Some people see coincidences.
    Some people see Mother Nature.
    Some People see good luck.
    I see God.