Saturday, January 30, 2016

Where Our Words Come From...

I'm back on faculty at Weekend with the Writers. I'm always inspired by author, Kristen Heitzmann, an amazing award-winning writer. I sat in on her class and found my passion for writing reignited. Here's one of the quotes that reminded me of exactly why I write.

Writing Draws from our Imaginations the filaments to spin a web that
Snares & Captivates - Kristen Heitzmann
I'd love to know how you feel when you write.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. When I sit down to write I pray asking God what He would like me to say to His little children. I feel His presence as I begin to write about the characters in the Bible. I write them in a way that the children can come to know God and the people He talks about in His wonderful book. Read "Bible Characters Through the Ages Book #1 Adam in the Garden," and join the fun. Available soon on Amazon.

  2. oh gosh! depends on the scene i'm writing! writing itself is exhilarating, but some scenes elicit more or less, and different, emotions. when i was writing Tessa, and Connie died, i think i nearly hyperventilated, writing from her sister, Cassie's POV—watching her sister plummet to her death... earlier this week, writing in Cissy, i couldn't stop laughing at the antics of a two-year-old MC—in the face of the snooty and nosey old church biddy!
    i've wept, i've laughed, i've sighed... and ultimately i'm amazed at the words Father gives me to transcribe into something read-worthy!

  3. Since I was a child, I loved to escape into worlds otherwise unknown to me, to travel to another country, another era. When I write, I feel more than think. I feel the ambiance of the setting and try to communicate that to my readers. I want them to sigh and feel hugged by the small town in my books.

  4. When I write, the world melts away. I have my mind fixed on joining words and phrases together, longing for them to carry a message and touch hearts like no others. Then the phone rings...

  5. Writing completes me, gives me peace. Even when I'm pulling my hair out looking for exactly the right word.

  6. Edie, When I sit down to write I feel like I am bursting at the seams. After I am done I feel accomplishment and relief.

  7. Edie, Thanks for your input as well as the other faculty members at Weekend with the Writers. All of the speakers were informative, exciting and encouraging. I’m excited.