Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Differences Make a Difference

by Eva Marie Everson @EvaMarieEverson

In a month, I will either be on Cloud 9, or absolutely out of my mind. Because in one month, we’ll be on the verge of Florida Christian Writers Conference. And I’m one of the two directors.

This past weekend, someone who plans to be at the conference as a First Time Conferee told me that one of the “differences” FCWC offers is why she chose our conference this year over others.

And what are those differences, you ask?

Not that some of these differences are not offered elsewhere, but here you go:
  • A Book Proposal Studio. Three hours with Kim de Blecourt and Kathy Bruins. Walk in with an idea. Walk out with a printed book proposal you can hand to editors and agents at the conference (and later).
  • A Pitch Studio. You’ve got only seconds to minutes to impress an agent or editor with your idea. Often called “an elevator pitch” because this is the “speech” you’d give an agent or editor if you were in an elevator and only had from the second to the fourth floor to tell them about your work. Walk in with your idea, walk out with your pitch!
  • A Writing/Critique Studio. For conferees who have had all the workshops they can handle in a lifetime. Now, you’re ready to write. To critique and be critiqued. To go back to your room and apply what you’ve learned and then come do it all over again. (Conferees must pre-register for this continuing class.)
  • An award-winning photographer. Malcolm Yawn will be in the house! He’s photographed VIPs and he’ll be at the conference on Friday and Saturday only, taking appointments (and shots!).
  • Brainstorming with the Experts. Four experts—Ramona Richards, Brian Bird, Natalie Gillespie, and Michelle Medlock Adams—will take your work (pre-sent before the conference), make a half-hour appointment with you, and will talk about—brainstorm—your career, your work, your goals … whatever you want to talk about!
  • A Sock Hop. That’s right. You read that correctly. A sock hop … like the old 50s and 60s dance parties. Our theme this year is Dancing on the Head of a Pen, so it’s only fitting. Bring your poodle skirt. Unless you’re a guy … then, don’t.
  • Robert Benson. He’s an icon in our industry and he’ll be our keynote speaker throughout the conference. I. Can’t. Wait! 

There’s more, of course. Beautiful location. Great food. A “Just Deserts/Desserts Award Program.” Two crazy directors.

What can I say? I’m jazzed. Or maybe on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

One of the two.

Whichever, I hope you’ll consider joining us for FCWC 2016 … for the studios, the photographer, the breakfasts, the dancing, the brainstorming, the keynoter, or to see how I hold up.

Pick one. Pick ‘em all. Y’all come.

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Eva Marie is a multiple award-winning author and speaker. She is one of the original five Orlando Word Weavers critique group members, an international and national group made up of critique chapters. She served as the original president from 2000 to 2007 and is now president of Word Weavers International, Inc. Eva Marie served as a mentor for Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild for several years and has taught at a number of writers conferences nationwide. During the 2010-2011 school year, Eva Marie served as an adjunct professor at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. She describes it as one of the best times she ever had while working. Eva Marie also serves as director of Florida Christian Writers Conference (along with Mark Hancock) and the Education Consultant for SON Studios.

She is both a past and current student at Andersonville Theological Seminary where she plans to receive her Masters in Old Testament Theology sometime before her ninetieth birthday. Eva Marie and her husband make their home in Central Florida where they are owned by one very spoiled dog, a funky chicken, and two hearts-full of grandchildren.

*Carol Award Winner for The Potluck Club
**ICRS Gold Medallion Finalist
***Multiple awards, including 2012 Inspirational Readers Choice Award & Maggie Award (Chasing Sunsets), 2013 Maggie Award & 2013 Christy finalist for Waiting for Sunrise, 2014 AWSA Golden Scroll Award (Slow Moon Rising), 2015 AWSA Golden Scroll Award (The Road to Testament)

****CBA Bestseller List several months running and a finalist for Retailers Choice Awards, 2013


  1. Eva, It sounds marvelous. I plan to go next year. Unless God allows a last minute adventure for me. I love what you have to offer. Know that I will be praying for all involved.

  2. Cherrilynn, we'd love to have you THIS year, too! I hope God allows that last minute adventure. Keep me posted.

  3. I loved last year's conference and am just heartsick that I'm not able to attend this year. Enjoy it for me, Eva!!

  4. Can't do it this year, but save a place for me next year. Eva Marie, it sounds wonderful. Blessings to you and to the faculty and to all attending. May God go before each one of you and prepare the way.