Thursday, December 17, 2015

7 Reasons Why Star Wars “THE FORCE AWAKENS” Is Great For Writers

by Cyle Young @CyleYoung

Only a few days before the official launch of the newest Star Wars movie hits the theatres, it has set another seemingly impossible milestone, 100 million dollars in advanced ticket sales. This staggering sum in not only a boon to the movie industry, but it should also serve as an encouragement to writers everywhere.

I’ve compiled a “spoiler-free” list of how The Force Awakens should encourage writers everywhere.

1. Science fiction is as strong as ever.
A well written story can exists in any setting, and even though romance drives the market, science fiction stories are primed for a resurgence in the coming year as Star Wars is set to dominate the box-office for the next decade.

2. Lead characters don’t have to be Caucasian. 
Early reviews of the movie revel in awe of an african-american character playing a lead role in The Force Awakens. Authors can be inspired to take risks in developing ethnic and multi-cultural characters for their stories.

3. Well-placed humor can make all the difference.
Sometimes a story just needs that hilarious moment or snarky, well-timed comment to break tension or allow the reader to relax and “take it all in”. J.J Abrams is a master of this and used properly, humor can bolster many stories across all genres.

Readers always want more of a good story.
4. Readers always want more of a good story.
George Lucas testifies that Star Wars is just a family drama about a grandparents, parents, and their children. He tells an interwoven story in a uniquely sci-fi setting, but at its heart, the story is not about adventure or war, it’s about family. And over the last 40 years, fans and reader alike haven’t been able to get enough.

5. The “series” is alive and well.
Seven episodes in, and Star Wars is going as strong as ever. Writers should feel free to expand upon their characters, world, or setting and allow the reader to get lost in their imaginary world for multiple books, titles, stories, or novellas.

6. A excellent setting sets a glorious stage.
Can you imagine Star Wars without light sabers or the force? Neither can I. It wouldn’t be Star Wars without those things. A properly crafted world and setting can heighten a story and allow the reader to escape the reality of every day life and get lost in fantasy.

A great story is hard to forget.
7. A great story is hard to forget.
Almost forty years later, and people are more engrossed in Star Wars lore than ever. There have been thousands of books and movies released in the last four decades, but a story that captures the hearts, minds, and imaginations of the reader is always one that’s hard to forget.

No matter what genre you write, remember the lessons of a successful story learned from the Star Wars saga and try to apply them in your next novel.

Which is your favorite Star Wars movie? Who is your favorite character?

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  1. Great post, I like Yoda, He speaks horrible English but he is wise and powerful. He proves that looks don't matter when it comes to overcoming evil. May the force be with you Cyle as you embark on all your adventures in writing, publishing and helping others reach for the stars.

    1. Thanks! I love Yoda the most when he isn't fighting.

  2. Replies
    1. Love him or hate him... Lucas did create a very memorable character. :) I like Jar-Jar.

  3. I still love episode 4. And Luke. Obi Wan was pretty awesome to, at both ages. Darth Vader and Darth Maul were great villains ;)

    1. I agree with the Obi-Wan comment, I thought both actors portrayed him very well.

  4. Love this, Kyle! My husband and I just finished a marathon of the first six movies. Can hardly wait to see the new one. I personally love C3PO and R2D2.

    1. I watched them last month with my children... in preparation. :)

  5. What a great, timely post! I love Yoda too, but still think R2D2 is really cute.

    1. I hear BB-8 gives him a run for his money in the cuteness department. :)

  6. My favorite movie has to be the second one in each trilogy. Empire Strikes back wins, but Attack of the Clones is a close second.

    Favorite character... I like many, but the good in me says to pick Luke. ;)

  7. Cyle: Write I must, happy I am. Thanks for the great thoughts and insight.