Saturday, November 7, 2015

That Autumn Time of Year

What's your favorite part of this fall season?

Share your stories in the comment section below. 

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  1. I love making trips to the apple orchard with my kids! They are getting a bit older, so their schedules are busier, but it is one my favorite things to do with them.

  2. My fondest fall memories are when we lived in NH. My son and I went to Applecrest Farm almost every Sunday after church during the fall. We loved to ride the wagon carts out to the apple orchard (about 1/4 mile). The rhythm of the wagon and the smell of the sweet apples would calm my autistic son. Each cart holds 20 people. We loved meeting new people from all over New England. One particular day my son was very upset. He asked to ride until he felt better. We spent 3 hours going back and fourth. We had fun meeting others and enjoying the scenery.

  3. My fondest fall memories are when my grammar-school son and I attended Princeton University football games in the late 70's. The little town had more fall color per square foot than anything I've ever seen. Complete with a pre-game parade through town, serious tailgating, and a competitive game. After the game, all parents, players, and fans met on the field to say hello and show great sportsmanship. It was warmest, most colorful public event imaginable - with Christmas-like joy, win or lose. I was on a 3 year assignment to that area. Beautiful town and campus. Never seen anything like it before or since.

  4. I love the smells of autumn. Crisp, cool air in the mornings. The smell later of burning leaves, fresh mowed grass, corn being combined from the fields. Mix the smells with the colors of the changing leaves and a taste of fresh apple cider, and you have sensual bliss. I love this time of year.