Sunday, October 25, 2015

How Do I Finish Writing a Book?

by Brenda McGraw @BrendaMMcGraw

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Philippians 2:4 (ESV)

How do I finish writing a book?
“How can I help you?” Those have been powerful words to me on this writing journey. We need each other, and realizing we are not alone is important to our growth.

We need people on the path towards being an author.

Do you have a dream to be an author one day? Have you envisioned what that journey will look like?

I’m not sure exactly how I got here, other than taking one step and then another. Living in the writing world has changed my life. I’ve met some amazing people whom I might not have had I never pursued my calling to write a book.

God has also given me the opportunity to inspire and encourage others to step out of their comfort zone. He may be stretching them beyond their discomfort to touch the lives of other people.

First, commit your work to the Lord. Our calling requires obedience, action and priority. 

Do you want to write and finish a book? I add the word finish, because many people have the desire to write but many more never start, nor finish. I have noticed this as I talk to people day after day. I understand, because that is where I was 13 years ago when I first heard God speak to my spirit one day. He wanted me to write my story and told me that one day I would be speaking and writing.

There was a book inside me, but I had no idea what to do to make that a reality.

So I waited.

Don't lose heart.
Second, don’t lose heart. Second Corinthians 4:16 says, “. . . inwardly we are being renewed day by day.” Allow God to work in your heart and prepare you to be ready for His timing, as you follow your passion and purpose. God’s timing is always perfect.

Third, make your plans and goals. This is the means to get to an end, to finish.

Fourth, find a place and time to do your writing. The Lord will provide, if you seek His will and plans for your life. “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Colossians 3:17 (NIV)

I dreamed and wondered if I would ever have a book, since God called me so long ago. Occasionally I would hear something in a message or someone would say a confirming word over the years of waiting. The wait is worth it. We don’t want to go before God; we want God to go before us.

Finish! Top Ten Steps to Finish Writing a Book
To finish we have to begin, and to begin we have to focus on the finish line!Finished, Top Ten Steps to FinishWriting a Book by Brenda McGraw.

How can I help you take the next step?

I am offering one free hour of coaching to anyone who purchases my brand-new book, Finished, and emails his or her receipt to I will then send you an email with my scheduler to set up your appointment. You may also use it to just brainstorm or talk.

Are you ready to move forward and finish writing and publish the book inside of you? How can I pray for you?

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Brenda McGraw is an author and speaker who reveals how to discover joy beyond the clutter of life. She draws from her own life experiences in the #1 Amazon Best seller, “Joy Beyond, 28 Days to Finding Joy Beyond the Clutter of Life”. She is the founder of Ask God Today Ministries where she has a team of writers sharing truth and hope with others. 

Brenda currently lives in South Carolina with her husband, Jeff and three of their five children. She is a survivor of breast cancer and a heart attack.. Despite the challenges she has endured, Brenda found peace through her relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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  1. Brenda, I remember rejoicing with you when your first book was published, and here you are launching another. You're a great example of the perseverance and commitment required to be an author. Congratulations!

    1. Hey Lori, Thanks so much. I have learned a lot since my first book.
      What a great journey.
      Have a great day.

  2. Brenda, I felt that calling 8 years ago. I have completed my memoir, but have been told that memoirs are hard to sell. I have placed it on the back burner for now while I wait for God's direction on the best way, if any, to publish it. In the meantime, I have attended a writing conference and continue to learn about the writing industry. Currently, I write devotions for publication. One day, my goal is to have a book published. Until God calls me to move forward, I am waiting patiently for the topic or the go ahead with the book I have already completed. The completion of my book was an act of obedience to God. I am content if it is never published, as God called me to write it. He will open the doors for publication when the time comes. Thanks you for sharing. Your message is encouraging.

    1. Hey Sheryl, God's timing is always perfect and best. Keep seeking Him and if you ever want to talk let me know. Have a great week! Brenda

  3. Brenda,

    Thank you for this wonderful and encouraging advice. I have written two books to date. One is published and one is not because I grew tired of pursuing publishing. I have started writing my third book, which is my memoir. I do believe the Holy Spirit is pressing me to write my story that is a tangling of suffering and joy. I wrote the first chapter and haven't returned to it for a few weeks, but your post has encouraged me to return to it and stay focused, trusting God for the blessing of time.

    I will purchase your book!

    Held, consumed by crazy grace,
    Trish Pederson

    1. Tricia, That is great. I am glad I encouraged you in some way to move forward. I look forward to talking with you. Don't forget it you purchase the book to email the receipt.
      Thanks. Blessings always, Brenda

  4. Brenda, I think this is a constant struggle to finish and do it strong. Even after five books and two more to be released soon, I still have to finish that next project. I still have to daily recommit my ways to Him. Now it is a push to do it better, which contributes to becoming sluggish and dragging my heels. But the first step is always to commit my work to the Lord. I would love to win and read your book. Thanks for your encouraging words. Keep writing and committing, Sister in Christ!

    1. Thanks Paula. Congrats on your books. Keep pushing through and I am sure God has great plans for you. Blessings. Good luck on winning.

  5. Thank you for your encouragement, Brenda. I've struggled with one delay after another on my book on forgiveness. Some Christian publishers don't want to touch a manuscript that mentions divorce in it, but it is part of my story. God did bring me through it, and I have forgiven my ex-husband. I learned a lot in that process.

  6. Yvonne, Thanks for your comment. Please let me know if you ever want to talk. Have a great day. Blessings to keep on writing! Brenda

  7. Thank you for this timely post Brenda. My word for this year is "Finish" and it feels like the world is against me. Your words speak volumes to me and I will be purchasing your book today! Also, I thank you in advance for the hour of free coaching, I need some of that:)

    1. Hey Erika. I would love to help you accomplish your goals. Please email me your receipt and we will schedule a time that is convenient for you. I look forward to talking with you. Have a great day! Brenda

  8. Brenda, your words ''don’t lose heart'' have won my heart. One word gives me a desire to start my day with a smile - writing. Something particularly soothing I find in this sounding. Pure writing, pure and honest.... But the past years have seen turmoil in writing culture. Some writers lost their dignity. They have only money on mind. Fast and nothing. Copy paste and plagiarism. I'm full of reading a ''duplicate''. My dream is to become an inimitable writer, but I'm afraid someone can steal my ideas, I have a kind of paranoid thoughts about this..what about you, do you have that strange fear? Anyway, for these reasons, my boyfriend suggested me to use a plagiarism checker May be with that tool I would be more confident

    1. Hey Tia, I have not really ever had that fear and I understand in a sense there is really nothing new under the sun, we just have to learn to add a new spin to it. Don't let fear still your joy of writing. There are enough readers for all of the writers out here. Keep pushing forward and don't lose heart. Have a blessed day! Brenda