Sunday, September 20, 2015

Time to Refocus My Life

You do not want a sacrifice, or I would give it; You are not pleased with a burnt offering. Psalm 51:16

I don’t know about you, but I’m a doer. No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to help myself. And while I have made some improvement over the years, unless I’m really focused, I’m going to judge my day, my progress, even my worth, on the things I’ve accomplished.

I know in my head that a check mark by everything on my to do list isn’t synonymous for how good I’m doing. Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to get my feelings to switch over to this way of thinking. This unhealthy outlook permeates every part of my life, especially spiritually. I keep acting like I can win God’s favor by doing more.

And it's time to refocus my life.

Being a Christ-follower has its emphasis on the state of being verb, rather than an action verb.

God has always been more interested in the process rather than the product.

To me, that means that statement reminds me that God is relationally, not task oriented. Whatever needs doing, He can do. He uses us to accomplish His will not to keep us busy or because He Himself doesn’t have the time. He allows us to join Him where He’s working because of the relationship.

God wants to spend time with me. He wants me to be so familiar with His voice that I can instantly hear and respond when He calls my name. But when I fill my life with things I have to do, my focus drifts, as things and tasks capture my attention and draw me away from the relationship.

So once again, I’m readjusting my life. I’m looking at the person of God and making concrete plans to spend more time with Him, instead of for Him. Care to join me?



  1. Seems like I'm constantly fine-tuning my focus...

  2. Seems like I'm constantly fine-tuning my focus...

  3. Absolutely, I am in the same place. I can feel the difference on the days when I am more focused on my list and don't spend time in the word. My goal is to be more consistent at reading, praying, listening and obeying.

  4. Actually Edie, I had this same thought walking into church this morning. Then the pastior's sermon confirmed the whisper I heard with my heart walking in to worship. So yes, I will join you! Tammy K.

  5. Awesome. I'm definitely joining you.

  6. It is about relationship! We are invited into the the "us" in John 17. When we learn to abide in Him and His love, studying Him, learning from Him, returning to our first love, our Beloved, we find a sweet and Holy rhythm to our days.


  7. Absolutely need to reboot sometimes. I get so busy "doing" all that needs to be done that I'm tired and God sometimes gets the leftovers. I needed this reminder. Thank you for your good words.

  8. God put me on my back to get my attention. I was a perfectionist due to lack of acceptance from an abusive father. I learned about Gods unconditional love as I stare at the ceiling and the house grew dusty. The pain and fatigue lessened after a few months; my trust in the Lord grew stronger. I will join you because the self creeps in and tried to overtake my peace.

  9. Absolutely. I am more of a Martha than a Mary. I need to constantly exam and change my priorities in life. Thanks for the challenge.