Saturday, July 11, 2015

Only You

by Beth Vogt @BethVogt 

"You are the only person on earth who can use your ability." Zig Ziglar

There are some things only I can do.

Being me, for example.

Nobody else can be me.

Brilliant deduction, I know.

I spent some time — too much time, to be honest — doubting myself. (Yes, yes, I’ve admitted this before, so I won’t belabor it again.) Lesson learned: Spend too much time doubting yourself and you spend too little time being yourself.

When I finally looked into a mirror and liked who I saw, well, then I could begin to appreciate what I could do. Not in a prideful way that put others down. I could just look at myself and see possibilities. Potential.

Doubt is such a waste of time … a waste of personhood.

Do I still doubt myself sometimes? Oh sure.

But I doubt a choice I’ve made. A yes or a no. I don’t doubt my worth. And just because I can’t do something today doesn’t mean I won’t be able to do it tomorrow … or the next day.

In Your Words: What abilities do you have that make you … you? How have you learned to embrace who you are, moving from doubt to a sense of worth?

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Beth K. Vogt believes God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.” A nonfiction writer and editor who said she’d never write fiction, Beth is now a novelist with Howard Books. She enjoys writing inspirational contemporary romance because she believes there’s more to happily-ever-after than the fairy tales tell us. Connect with Beth on her website, Twitter, Facebook, or check out her blog on quotes, In Others’ Words.


  1. Beth, this is short and sage and I need to go back and count how many quotable you have packed into this post worthy of a PicMonkey meme! My fav, "Spend too much time doubting yourself and you spend too little time being yourself." A timely read for me as I prep for writers conference and am assailed with doubts as to the value of what I have to offer. Thanks for the cheer to sallie forth!

    1. Kathy,
      I often find quotes that apply to me -- and then talk myself through the truths I need to remember in my blog posts. Glad you were encouraged today. And while you're at that writers conference, remember: this is your opportunity to talk with passion about the story that is so close to your heart. Do it! :)

  2. Beautiful post, Beth. Timeless truth. For me, moving from a place of doubt to a place of worth is an on-going journey. I still fall back into times where I doubt my worth. It often takes a friend to remind me who (and Whose) I am. This has been huge in helping me to see the worth God has created in me.

    1. Jeanne: I so believe in the value of friends who help anchor me to the truth -- or to the Truth. They hold me steady when I'm wavering towards lies.

  3. Bullseye! Direct hit. Straight to my brain...and my heart. Thank you.

  4. Beth, what's helped me the most in this doubting battle--and it is a tactic of the enemy of our destinies, is the freeing thought that the Jesus in me is what I have worthy of sharing. He is my talent and joy. Without Him I am a mess and not very talented, but His light in me is what i can shine and give away. When my focus is on me, I'm so doubtful, intimidated, and discouraged, but when my eyes are on Him, I can do anything to the best of my ability with the Holy Spirit's help, in faith, and He is responsible for the outcome. I just have to be faithful to my part.I always love reading your words of joy and hope. I love how you love who you are and what you do. Christ shines through you.