Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Harbingers—Four Books, Four Established Novelists, One GREAT Series


The Girl, book four of the novella series The Harbingers is now available. This is my contribution to the team effort. For those who may not know or may have forgotten, let me explain. The Harbingers is a series of novellas (short novels) each centered on a group of very different people forced to work as a team to deal with a series of seemingly unrelated supernatural events. Each has a talent and none know why they've been thrown together.

Backcover copy:
Tracks of bare feet in the snow . . . and a little girl who is more than she seems.
A barefoot girl holding a small scroll arrives in the snowy foothills near Dickensonville, Oregon. She doesn't speak and the only person she will let near her is Bjorn Christensen, the college football player everyone calls Tank. An immediate bond is formed. She is sweet. Innocent. And apparently not of this world--and something wants to kill her. Tank and the team have an impossible mystery on their hands--a mystery of life and death

Meet the team:
Brenda--the street-hustling tattoo artist who sees images of the future, and tattoos them on the skin of her clients.
The professor--a former priest turned atheist who believes only in logic.
Andi--the professor's brilliant-but-geeky assistant who sees inexplicable patterns in everything around her.
Tank-- the naive, big-hearted jock who (sometimes) can heal the sick and injured. Then again, sometimes he can't.
Daniel--an institutionalized ten-year-old who can see into the world of the supernatural.

Meet the writers:
This is a team effort. Each book is written by one of four established novelists, each writing from the point of  view of one of the characters.
Bill Meyers originated the idea and the unique approach and writes from Brenda's point-of-view. The Call is the first book in the series.
Frank Peretti brings is enormous talent to telling us the professor's story. The Haunted is the spooky second book in the series.
Angela Hunt allows to see through the eyes of the pattern-seeing, geeky Andi. Her first book in the series is The Sentinels.
Alton Gansky (dat's me!) writes from the point of view of Tank in The Girl.

The series is modeled after television dramas with each book being one episode of a larger tale.

For more information visit the website: http://www.harbingersseries.com/

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Alton Gansky is a full time writer, director of BRMCWC, and founder of Gansky.Communications. He is the award winning author of over 40 books. Prior to turning to full time writing, he was the senior pastor to three Southern Baptist churches. In addition to his writing, he speaks to writers groups and church organizations. Connect with him on Twitter or visit him at www.altongansky.com

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