Saturday, March 7, 2015

Don't Let Silence Reign When You Can Add Your Voice to the Chorus

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

So often we let a lack of perfection keep us from adding our voice to the forest of song. I think it's time to join the chorus, how about you?

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  1. I never considered myself a writer. I am a Speaker/Teacher. I love to speak. That is the way I communicate best. The Lord had a different plan. December 30th 2014 the Spirit answered my prayer but not in the way I wanted. "Start a blog and begin Jan 1st 2015" Aww Lord you know I am not a good writer!" I now have 12 blog posts. My audience is a small number of people, my writing needs improvement but people are being challenged to think, read their bibles and pray. I am learning more about myself and there has been healing in the process. I praise God for using me and my imperfect writing. Make a joyful noise does not mean you have to be on key.

  2. This is of great encouragement as I have asked God to help me to find my voice, I'm the quiet type with big thoughts always brewing in my mind,Writing comes much easier over speaking as it gives me time to articulate my thoughts. I too have felt a significant nudge (sometimes a forceful push) from the Lord to Blog, its coming, your writing is inspiring! thank you.

  3. I believe that God helped me find my voice and gave me the courage to write. Does that mean people will like my style of writing, my stories, or my perspective on life? No--but that will not stop me from singing or pursuing my gift. It shouldn't stop other authors, either.

  4. In finding my voice, I had to sit still for a long time before God. I had all sorts of words tumbling around but one day God made it clear to write for Him. Thanks for the encouragement. Beth