Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Publishing isn't Dead—New Fiction Imprint Looking for Submissions!

I always want to pass along any new opportunities that I hear about within the publishing industry. So today I'm excited to introduce you to Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolina's newest imprint—BLING! Managing editor, Sandie Bricker has stopped by to give us some insight on what she's looking for in submissions. Just to let you know, LPC is the company that published my first two books—Social Media for Writers - out of print and Fighting Fear: Winning the War at Home When Your Soldier Leaves for Battle. I loved working with LPC.

Edie: Can you tell us about this new line of romantic fiction and what you’re looking for?

Sandie: Happy to! Thanks for inviting me. Bling! is an edgy new series of contemporary romance for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (LPC). Although there certainly may be an element of faith in our books, it’s not required. If it’s present though, it must be woven organically into the story. My favorite books are those that act as parables, telling a story beneath a story where the reader isn’t hit over the head with the message.

Basic things I’m looking for in author submissions include:
  • A solid, believable romance.
  • Characters with an authentic and powerful connection.
  • Realistic, possibly flawed characters with a past just like the rest of us whose struggles are complex and might not be too pretty.
  • A really unique and interesting plot that creates an unexpected landscape for the characters to tell their story.

Edie: Are you accepting material from beginning and/or unagented writers?

Sandie: I’m hoping to have a good mix of novice and seasoned authors so we can create something that appeals to a full spectrum of contemporary readers. Submissions are limited to those that come from agents; however, if a writer already has a relationship with me—either through conferences or writers’ groups and the like—we’ll talk. I’m excited to see what’s out there and I’m the poster child for someone who had stories to tell but had to find a very specific publisher who got me and wanted to take a chance. My main interest—and the interest of LPC in general—is trying to put out great stories that inspire and spark conversation.

Edie: Where can writers find more information about Bling!?

Sandie: They can go to to review the complete guidelines, and they can LIKE our page on Facebook at If they have questions or need more information, they can email me at We’re still in the process of getting set up, but since I’ll need to fill two slots by spring, I’m eager to receive submissions. 

A new imprint of LPC is accepting submissions - via @SandieBricker & @LPCTweets on @EdieMelson (Click to Tweet)

Publishing isn't dead, new imprint from LPC looking for submissions - via @SandieBricker & LPCTweets (Click to Tweet)


  1. Always happy to hear about new writing opportunities.

  2. It is such an honor to work with Lighthouse Publishing. They strive to honor the Lord in all things and seek Him for direction. What a blessing!