Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Worship—What Knot to Do

For I know the plans that I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11

I met several friends for coffee one day and of course, I took my knitting with me. For some reason it’s impossible for me to just sit still—I have to be doing something. And that something is usually knitting.

As we went back and forth, discussing our days one of my friends mentioned how neatly my ball of yarn was behaving. It should have been, I’d spent hours winding that particular ball of thread. I knew better than to try to use it straight from the skein.

My friend, also a knitter, shared how she’d been in a hurry to start a recent project and hadn’t bothered to wind her yarn into a ball. Instead she took the risk of leaving it in a loose skein. Anyone who’s ever tried to save time this way knows what happened next—a knot of hopelessly tangled yarn.

We all shared a sympathetic laugh as she explained the lengths she’d had to go to unsnarl the mess. But as she talked another woman was the first to draw the comparison. “Isn’t that just like life? When we get in a hurry and rush ahead of God, life ends up in a tangled knot.”

Oh the wisdom in that insight! It certainly made me pause. So I ask you, where are you rushing ahead of God?  Join me in slowing down and letting God order our days as we learn what KNOT to do!


  1. Great post! And so true. I'd love to have that pattern, too. :-)

  2. Not wanting to rush ahead of God in this way prompted me to put a framed quote I found right over my desk where I write and edit. It states: "Life is God's novel; Let Him write it." When I find myself taking over the "writing," I reread the words of the quote and step back. We all know that His happy ending will outdo ours any day! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. The beauty is this piece is not the knot unraveling, but the preparation (opening to unwind the yarn and roll it up into a perfect useable ball). We too must accept what he has prepared for us (He might have to do a little unraveling) and with a trusting and yielded heart let Him weave and craft us perfectly into His beautiful and glorifying plan. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Edie, I just posted on a friend's page that I'm ready to learn to knit. I told her I'm checking into classes at the end of April, then I opened your blog post. Just minutes later, I've already gotten my first lesson. How funny!

  5. "Life is God's novel; Let Him write it." Great quote Paula. I'll have to keep that in mind (or over my desk) Thanks for putting it on here.