Saturday, March 22, 2014

Social Media Image—Spring Really Is Coming

I'm tired of winter. But I know spring really is coming . . . eventually. 

How do you keep your spirits up when winter drags on and on and on. And no, I'm not just talking about the physical seasons. Sometimes our times of winter have nothing to do with the weather.

the earth laughs in flowers —e.e. cummings
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  1. Living in Florida, our winters are glorious,and we wish for them to stay. But personally, I was just notified that another friend's cancer is back. Yesterday, I learned that my friend who's going through chemo is in the hospital, again,unable to eat. The day before, my mother-in-law ended up in the hospital with "a little kidney failure." She's not even recovered from her broken leg. My mother has not recovered from her last hospital visit. Another friends mother just died. I don't even want to talk to anyone, answer a phone call or e-mail.

    To keep my spirits up, I remember that "Sunday's coming." Carmen sang a song about the battle between Jesus and Satan. Satan was feeling pretty victorious on Friday when Jesus died, but Sunday, and victory, were coming. Whatever the season, I know that Jesus has the ultimate victory, and I will too, whether it's here or in eternity... it's a few seconds in God's economy.

    1. I'm so sorry you're dealing with so much! You have a great attitude and I think you for sharing how you cope. I'll be praying for you! Blessings, E

  2. Last July, God spoke a word to my heart. Winter is past, the springtime has come. It came right before the bottom fell out. I've repeated it often and it helps keep me going. I also purchased several "spring" items to decorate my house, like blocks that say spring, a flag that is springy and a colorful wreath for the door...

  3. What a beautiful picture! I remember that spring is coming when we have gorgeous, sunshiny days and when storms pass. "This, too, shall pass," as they say. Pain can't last forever.