Saturday, December 28, 2013

Social Media Image—Never Say Never

Never say never.

This is truly a cliche' of epic proportions. And yet, like so many cliches' before, it's truth is undeniable. Almost invariable, when I make a never statement, it becomes real in my life. I said I'd never live in the Houston area and BAM, I spent seven years there. Is said I'd never stand in front of people and speak, and again, it came to pass.

My good friend and author, Beth Vogt, coined the phrase you see on the image below. It was too good, and too true, not to pass along.

So when have you walked through the never door? If you haven't ever, what's keeping you!

"God's best is often found behind the doors marked never." -Beth Vogt

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  1. I've learned that when I say, "I'll never do..." then I end up doing it. Love the quote from Beth.


  2. God has had a fun time with my "nevers." I once said I would never marry a preacher and I didn't but my husband was called into the ministry later in our marriage. I can't imagine what life would have been like had we missed out on the blessings of God's call.
    As a public school teacher, I said numerous times I'd never homeschool. We are currently in our fourteenth year of homeschooling! We have good days and crazy days but the benefits we've reaped makes it all worthwhile. It has been a great fit for our family.

    Thank goodness God has a sense of humor with me. I try not to say "never" anymore. :)