Saturday, December 21, 2013

Social Media Image—Can Boundaries Actually Make Us More Creative?

I grew up in a very creative family—a good thing—but a tad bit intimidating. My mother is especially talented as an artist, and growing up I couldn't even draw a credible stick figure.

But I did discover I could come up with some amazing needlework designs when I used graph paper. The boundaries gave me the structure I needed to release my creativity. I think that's why I love grammar and even editing so much.

So how about you? Do boundaries help you be more creative? If so, which ones?

"Only when boundaries are established can true creativity begin." Elf, the movie
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  1. I know this post of yours is almost a year old, but I save things and go back to them. I agree with you...putting a "squeeze" on things does makes us more creative. We have to think, rather than just jotting words down on the paper,etc.