Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Writing Book You’ll Want for Your Library—Imagination @Work by Alton Gansky

A Review by Edie Melson
My friend and Blue Ridge cohort has just published a new e-book. It's a nonfiction work containing several years of essays he’s written about creativity and writing. Each of the 80 essays is short, designed to be read quickly.
This book is full of wisdom gleaned from years in the publishing industry. Reading it you’ll feel like you’re sitting, having coffee with a mentor.
This is from the book:
A Note from the Author
Over the years I’ve come to know hundreds of authors, scores of agents, dozens of publishers, and uncountable readers. It’s been my pleasure to stroll through the landscape of writing and publishing watching what other writers do and learning from them, and, through meetings, writers conferences around the country, and other teaching avenues, had the privilege of helping a few writers get their start.
I came to the business the hard way. Sensing I should be a writer as a child, I instead did just about everything else. I’ve worked in fast food, banks, been a firefighter, a minister, done some teaching at the college level, and spent a decade or so in architecture. I’m a professional used to be. What I didn’t know at the time was all of those careers were preparing me for the writing life.
I’ve written about 45 books, most of them novels, but I’ve penned more than a handful of nonfiction books. I’ve had ups and downs, peaks and valleys. Most creatives experience the same. Although my training is in the sciences and biblical studies, I find myself working in one of the arts. Odd how life works out.
What follows are short essays I’ve written over the years dealing with creativity in general and writing in particular. Creatives share a bond. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone writing a rock-and-roll song, or dabbing paint on a canvas, or walking the stage in front of crowds of theater-goers, the creative spirit is attracted to others of like mind.
These essays are not profound or formal. They are me being me. Some are meant to be serious, others humorous. They are also designed to be read quickly, the kind of thing a reader can pick up, read a chapter or two, then set down until some more free time appears.
It is not a how-to book. The world is filled with how-to write books. Some are very good. I don’t intend to add this to that number. My purpose is to share a bit of my journey, encourage new writers and other creatives, and occasionally provide a push forward. I hope it has meaning for you. Who knows, it might even make you smile, or, better yet, dream big dreams.

The $2.99 book is available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. I hope you enjoy it. More than that, I hope you find it inspirational.
Alton Gansky is a full time writer, director of BRMCWC, founder of Gansky.Communications and host of Writer's Talk. He is the award winning author of over 40 books. Prior to turning to full time writing, he was the senior pastor to three Southern Baptist churches. In addition to his writing, he speaks to writers groups and church organizations. www.altongansky.com
His newest novel WOUNDS (Broadman Holman) released in May of 2013. (AmazonBarnes & Noble


  1. Thank you, Edie, for recommending good books to us. Some of them I wouldn't find out about unless I accidentally stumbled across it. This is one I want to buy. I love to read Alton's books and I know this one will be a winner.

  2. Sounds like a great read and a great Christmas gift for writer friends.

  3. Thanks for the heads up, Edie! I just ordered my copy -- can't wait to get started. I enjoyed Alton's classes at Blue Ridge so I have no doubt I'm in for a treat. :)

  4. I've already downloaded this! If Alton wrote it, I want it!

  5. I love Alton's writing. Thanks for having him on your blog, Edie!

  6. Al is such a great writer. I'm already drawn into the book just from ready this excerpt.

  7. Thanks for the heads up. Going to get it now!