Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekend Worship—The Calling of God

The Lord said to me, "You have seen correctly, for I watch over My word to accomplish it." Jeremiah 1:12

As believers, we often speak of our own personal calling. We look for that special something that God has for us to accomplish within his kingdom. Sometimes we treat the search for our calling as a quest or even a treasure hunt. But truthfully, our calling is buried deep within us, something we’re born with. It’s not really something we must discover, but something we to accept and grow into.

God has ordered all our days before we were born. He’s set into motion the events in and around us to shape us into what he has for us. Every single thing we need has been accounted for and placed within our grasp at the proper time.

Yes, we must accept what He has for us. But often times that means stepping out in faith, trying things that feel uncomfortable, even missing the boat. Trying something and failing isn’t failure when our hearts are focused on God. We must move forward, even when there is no certainty of success. It's important to remember that it's much harder to turn a parked car than one that's already moving.

Most importantly, we must understand what success looks like from God’s perspective. Our success is rooted and grounded in our obedience to Him. The success of our calling is His and His alone. We are just the instrument He’s chosen to include in the process.

As writers, when we write what He’s put on our hearts, we release it back to Him in obedience, in whatever form that happens to be. It may take the shape of an article, devotion, or even a book. But we have the assurance that God will watch over those words and accomplish His perfect will.

What is holding you back from sharing your calling? Join me and release it and watch how God works!


  1. Edie, I needed this post today! The line, "we're just the instraments He chooses to use" made me think back to the post you wrote about us being part of God's choir. Being a soprano in my church choir, I could relate to that post. What holds me back from my calling, which I feel is partly to speak to women, is simply . . . fear. I hate admitting it, but that's the main thing. Fear of what people will think. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement. Love you!

  2. His will for us always happens "at the proper time" What a great reminder, especially in this world where we expect so much happen right away. We need to remember God's timing is always perfect.

  3. Great post, Edie. Right now, my writing is at a standstill, due to my husband's medical issue that have been ongoing for seven months now. Just when we think we are about at the end of the line, another surgery is required. It drains time and energy from our entire family.

    I keep looking to the day when I can become a productive servant of the Lord again through my writing, blogging, etc. Right now, I'm content to be His servant by providing the support and encouragement my dear husband needs. Sometimes it's hard to remember that everything happens for a reason and according to God's timing.

  4. Boy, do I ever miss the boat sometimes! But I've learned that, like Peter, Jesus reaches out, takes my hand, teaches me to have more faith in Him, and gently sets me back in the boat.