Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top 10 Social Media Updates that Get the Conversations Started!

I'm constantly being asked for ideas of what post on social media. It's important to use those updates as a tool to start a conversation with your friends and followers. So I've compiled my top 10 list of Social Media Updated that Get the Conversations Started!

10. Now that hashtags have caught on on a lot of different social media platforms, ask your followers/friends to share their favorite hashtags.

9. Take advantage of the seasons and ask, "What are you reading this summer (fall, spring, winter, etc)."

8. Along the lines of following the calendar, get more specific. For example today is Paperback Book Day, National Cheesecake Day, and Father-in-law day. just think the social media updates you can create around those! I post the days for the month to come on the last Thursday of each month. Here's a link to August Calendar Days. You can also post questions about what week this is, and what month.

7. Share a new author you've discovered and invite your followers/friends to do the same. The author doesn't have to be brand new—just new to you.

6. Post a cliche you hate to hear and ask others to post ones that irritate them.

5. One of my most popular social media updates was when I asked for favorite writing quotes. YOu can do an infinite variation on this by asking for quotes about love, family, mothers....you get the idea.

4. Share your favorite music to play while you're writing.

3. Ask for recommendations for new movies.

2. We all grew up rolling our eyes (maybe only mentally) when mom came out with one of her sayings. Post one of your least favorites and ask your followers to chime in with one of theirs.

1. In this day of smart phones and tablets, ask for app recommendations. People are always happy to share new things that help make life simpler.

Now it's your turn. What social media updates can you come up with? Share and we'll all have something to talk about.

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  1. Just reading your Connections book now. Thanks for the practical in life.

  2. Getting to know you questions always go over well. People love to talk about themselves.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Edie! Love your blog, your wealth of information, and your willingness to share.

  4. Thank you for this post! As the Marketing Associate for Pelican Book Group http://pelicanbookgroup.com I'm always trying to help authors create unique posts. You've helped tremendously!

  5. Thanks to your interesting calendar day posts, I'll be teaching a homeschool co-op writing class this fall. We'll have creative writing activities centered around the wacky calendar "celebrations." Everyone is already excited that October is Pizza Month. I've promised them pizza to inspire their writing!