Thursday, July 11, 2013

Business Basics for Today’s Writer—Have You Installed the Hootsuite Shortcut, HOOTLET?

Today I’d like to share a little tool you can install yourself to help streamline your social media scheduling. It comes from Hootsuite and is known as Hootlet. If you’re not yet familiar with Hootsuite, you can visit my post on How to Schedule Social Media in Hootsuite to help you get started.

Hootlet is great because you don’t have to toggle between two windows, copying and pasting URLs. Instead, whenever you’re on a blog that you want to schedule to Hootsuite, you click on Hootlet and a small window will pop up. It’s like a miniature Hootsuite. See the Screen Shot below.

You can see where Hootlet is installed on my menu bar in the shot above because it has a bright pink arrow pointing to it. Now I'm going to tell you how to install it.

First, go to your Hootsuite homepage. 
Click on the TOOL ICON
This window (see screenshot below) will pop up. Follow the directions and drag the small owl Icon to your browser tool bar.

Now that you have Hootlet installed, here's how to use it.

Below is an enlarged screen shot of the Hootlet window. I was on yesterday's post of my blog. When I clicked the Hootlet icon the window appeared with a tweet already loaded. (see below)

I recommend you do a little work on the tweet before you send it out. Below is how I would change it:

I removed The Write Conversation from the beginning because it's not all that interesting. The I tagged the author (that would be me @EdieMelson) and I added two hashtags: #socialmedia #write. Finally I changed the Thumbnail (the picture) that posts to Facebook.

I hope you see how utilizing the Hootlet tool will help streamline your social media. What shortcuts have you found with social media?

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  1. BEST. FEATURE. EVER. Not kidding. There's no way I could network without it. Great tutorial, Edie!

  2. Just installed it. What a slick device! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I installed it too. What a time saver. Thanks Edie for keeping us up to date.

  4. On my way to install it! Thanks, Edie.

  5. Once again I need to thank you Edie!!!!!! This is so helpful!