Monday, December 31, 2012

Social Media Monday—Top 10 Ways to Fail Spectacularly with Social Networking

This past year, everywhere you turned someone was offering help on how to succeed with marketing, aka social media. Today I’m going to turn the tables and give you my top 10 ways to fail spectacularly with social networking.

10. Never follow anyone back when they follow you. Why would you? They aren’t nearly as interesting.

9. Never answer any comments left on your blog. It’s just a waste of time to answer people who don’t know as much as you.

8. Only post social media updates when the mood hits you. After all, you’re too important to be tied to a schedule and update consistently.

7. Never promote anyone in your field or genre. Everyone knows you’re the expert, why would they need anyone else?

6. Always plan your social media updates to show up one right after another. The more updates in a row, the more people will remember you.

5. Never waste a social media update thanking someone for mentioning you. So many people are quoting you it would take far too much time to thank them all.

4. Always get even with those who’ve wronged you by calling them out publicly through social networking. After all, you’re only doing everyone else a favor by letting them know the truth.

3. Never repost/retweet anything unless there’s something in it for you. You’re much too important to repeat uninteresting fluff.

2. Always update social media with everyday life. It’s encouraging for others to know you need to take a break and visit the restroom just like an ordinary person would.

And the number 1 way to fail spectacularly with social networking…

...Don’t bother to do it at all. Everyone knows social media is just a fad.

Do you have any tips to add? Inquiring minds want to know!



  1. Thanks for my morning giggles, Edie. I'm off to talk about myself on Facebook. :)

    1. I really began to second guess myself after posting this. Thanks for letting me know it really did come across like it was supposed to—funny! Blessings, E

  2. Thanks, Edie. I jotted down the areas I need improvement in. Your list was very helpful, and I think your sense of humor with it makes it even more effective. :) May the Lord bless you and your ministry greatly in the coming year.

    In Christ's Love,

  3. OK, quit talking about me like this! LOL

  4. Right on target and oh so funny. Thanks, Edie.

  5. Read it first thing this morning and loved it! Perfect way to end 2012 and look forward to 2013!

  6. I am guilty on a few of these.... great post!

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