Monday, October 15, 2012

Social Media Monday—Drive Traffic to Your Blog Using Twitter

I’ve never met anyone who has a blog and doesn’t want it to grow. One of the best ways to see that growth is to spend a little bit of time with Twitter. With the judicious use of Hashtags and a little consistent tweeting you can add another layer to your blog audience. Here’s how:

  • First, make certain you have utilized your Twitter profile. People who visit your profile on Twitter will often go a step further and take a peek at your blog. Here are the things you need to have:
    • A picture, preferably a full face shot with a smile.
    • A link to your blog.
    • An interesting and informative bio. 
  • Next, plan tweets about your blog within my unbreakable 5 to 1 rule. Not familiar with my rule? Here it is again: For every 5 social media updates only 1 can be about you. If the other five updates are valuable to your audience they will come to trust you and be much more likely to visit the links you provide.
  • Now use headline techniques to compose your tweets. These are the basic things to consider:
    • It must provide the reader with a true glimpse of what to expect in your blog post.
    • It needs to resonate with your reader’s urgency.
    • It contains a compelling reason to visit the link.
    • And most important: It does NOT give away the ending. Here’s a post I wrote on how to Utilize Headline Techniques to Compose Social MediaUpdates
  • Always include at least one Hashtag (and no more than three) to expose your tweet to new people. This step is key. If you’re not familiar with Hashtags, visit my post on Twitter Hashtags here
  • Finally, be consistent in your use of Twitter. Try to schedule at least six Tweets every day. You can do this in the morning by utilizing a scheduling program like Hootsuite. Here is a post on the Specifics of What Makes Hootsuite Great. 
Using these techniques I’ve increased my Twitter followers and my blog traffic. These simple steps can work for you as well.

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  1. I love that 5-to-1 rule, and Hootsuite SET ME FREE. Gracious, what a helpful app!

  2. I'll second Susan's comment: Hootsuite for time management and committing to usage. But hashtags were the key for me both to discover new folks to follow and recruit more - it's really helped with carving out a niche and being part of it. Good stuff!

  3. Once again, I'm behind the times! I've only been tweeting about twice a week! So little much to learn. I wish I had a little Edie Melson to sit on my shoulder to instruct and remind me of things. :) I guess taking time to stop and get in on the Write Conversation will have to be sufficient.

  4. Great article so very useful. Yes, I agree with you that social media is very effective in terms of driving traffic to site. :)