Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Learn How to Earn a Living as a Freelance Writer, Part 8—Valuable Online Resources for Freelance Writers

As I finish up my series on How to Earn a Living as a Freelance Writer, I want to give you a list of resources to help you apply what you've learned. These are sites I go to when looking for freelance writing jobs. Be advised though, things change quickly on the Internet and, although I’ve checked and double-checked the information, I cannot make any guarantees.


Online Newsletters and Valuable Writing Groups:

Job Boards:
Be smart when applying for work online.

Work for Hire Publishers:
It will take some digging to find the information you need to apply as an author for one of these companies, but well worth the effort.
Now it's your turn to contribute. What resources for freelance writers have you found?

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  1. Great information, as always, Edie. Thank you for all you invest in others!