Monday, June 18, 2012

Meme Mondays—Increase Your Blog’s Visibility through Memes

Today I want to continue with my new regular Monday post—Memes (rhymes with beams). At the end of today's post I'm going to repeat the basics for those of you who missed last week's post. 

My Meme
I’m designing this particular meme (remember it rhymes with beam) to help us get a head start on the week. My challenge is for everyone to post a picture that inspires them. Here's mine:

Believe it or not, I took this picture in St. Louis, MO 
during the 2011 ACFW Conference. 
I did adjust the colors slightly, but the image has NOT been 
retouched or photo-shopped.

Meme Details:
The Picture—it can be a picture about anything that inspires you. You can include a blog post about it, or simply post the picture.
The Schedule—I will post a Linky on my site shortly after midnight on Sunday. You’ll get the biggest benefit by linking early so check in first thing on Monday morning. Who knows you may even find some inspiration. I encourage you to participate on Monday, but life happens to all of us, so feel free to link when it works best for you. Just remember, the picture will change on Monday.
Here are the basics:
Topics—these are limited only by your imagination. If you’re running out of ideas and passion for your blog, go for a simple list. One of the best examples I’ve seen is Patty Wysong’s a to z for u and me. You can also use pictures, writing prompts, literally anything you wish.
Participants—no limits here. Anyone who wants can take part. All you have to do is click on the Linky gadget at the end of the post and add your link. Be sure you link to the EXACT post on your blog, not just your general blog address. 
Benefits—I mentioned that memes are a great way to increase visibility for your blog. The key to that is to visit some of the Links listed at the end of the post. You don’t have to spend hours doing this, just visit one or two of the other blogs and leave a comment. 

Directions to Incorporate a Meme into a Blogger or Wordpress post:

  • First you'll need to set up an account with a Link service. I used Linky for this one. It's free for the first month and $2 per month there after. I like the options this service provides, but there are others that are completely free.
  • Next, you'll need to write your blog post. I recommend you compose your post before you generate your Meme so you'll have an idea of what to name it and how you want to describe it. I always compose my post in just the regular text window (as opposed to the HTML window) because I don't like to compose code.
  • Now you'll need to go to Linky and generate your meme. I recommend you begin with just the basic link. After you've generated your link, copy the code and return to your blog compose window. 
  • BEFORE you past your link into your blog post change your view to the HTML window. This is VERY important. If you don't do this, your link will not work. After you're in HTML view paste the code at the end of your blog post.

Now it's your turn!
Don't forget to join the conversation,


  1. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks! I hope you'll link to one of your posts. Blessings, E

  2. I'm confused...last week's Meme Monday blog displayed the photos of the people linking, but this week I don't see any photos. Did we do something wrong? Also, I saw where last week someone had asked a question about free link sites - I used Mr. Linky and thought it worked, but maybe not? I'm TOTALLY new to all this, so I might be doing it incorrectly. But thanks for the intro!

    Julia Denton

  3. I'm also Julia and I'm also confused! If you link a picture, I guess you have to use a picture with a URL? How to pictures get those- would I use one off of my blog? I'm with Kristi Butler - I'd like tutoring from you and Susan! :)

  4. Julia & Julia, I apologize for the confusion. It's totally my fault. I'm still playing around with memes and tried something different when I created my link this week. I've added in the type I had from last week. It's the second option you see. The first one gives you words and a LIKE, the second one has a thumbnail and a LIKE.

    I would have just replaced the one I posted first, but didn't want those who'd already participated to lose their links.

    This is a good example that we're all always learning something new when it comes to social media.


  5. Well, I'm happy to know that Mr. Linky worked for me. Also glad to see another Julia here! Thanks for the info, Edie.

  6. I'm trying to get the hang of it. I really like this memes thing. I actually did this with Ann Voskamps "A Holy Experience" when I created the page "One thousand blessings in 2012" page on my blog. But it's not a blog post, just a continuing page I add blessings to. I have seen a few hits from her blog. And hopefully she's gotten some hits from mine. Thanks for helping me understand this better!

  7. Okay, I still feel a little fuzzy with this. I'll follow you closely and hopefully learn with experience! I'm also glad to find another Julia!