Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 Tips on How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts

It happens to us all. It’s the night before a blog post is due and we have no idea what to write about. It seems like all our creative juices have run dry. Do we just bail and skip that post, or is there something constructive that can bail us out?

Don’t panic. There are some specific things you can do and places you can look to find, not just something to fill in with, but something truly creative to blog about.

  • First, look no farther than your last blog post, or more specifically, the comments your last post brought out. Your subscribers and readers are your best source of inspiration. Their questions and comments can spur you on to ideas you’d never consider otherwise.
  • Second, take a look at the blogs you follow. What are some of the questions you’ve asked your favorite bloggers? Just because you don’t know the answer, doesn’t mean you can’t right about it. Trust me, the best way to learn something is by researching it well enough that you can write about it.
  • Third, investigate Facebook and Twitter. Do you see any trends, or notice a subject everyone is talking about? There’s a blog post in there!
  • Fourth, have you recently solved a problem that has to do with your blog’s topic? Don’t be stingy, share your secret with the rest of us. If you had an issue or challenge with something, chances are you aren’t the only one.
  • Seventh, post a question or a rant about something that truly irritates you. 
The point of your blog is to open up the lines of communication—to get the conversation going.

So now it’s your turn, have you ever been at a loss for something to post? What was your solution?
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  1. I often write about what I'm currently struggling with, or something I've struggled with in the past. That helps me stay passionate about my subject.

    Another great post. Thanks for always pointing us in the right direction, Edie!

  2. Edie to the rescue! Thanks friend. )

  3. Very helpful as I consider whether I'm up for this whole schlabonga. (If that is a curse word is a foreign language, I plead ignorance, which is never a lie with me. lol)

    Also, a great MBT Chat last night, Edie. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Another keeper from Edie. I don't have a blog. I feel there are too many bloggers who have nothing to say, so why should I add my name to the pile? But I have a list of informative blogs that I follow, such as this one. I'm hoping to continue to learn from the masters. Then one day, I too will have something that will make it worth one's time to stop and take a look. Thank you, Edie. When the time comes, I'll pull this back out and thank you once more for sharing your wisdom!

  5. I'll definitely file this info under "need to know." :)

  6. I usually write about ordinary lessons I'm learning in my marriage, faith, and life in general. I try to put a fresh spin on it, though that's sometimes difficult! Thanks for the awesome ideas, Edie.

  7. Thank you all for stopping by! I'm traveling today so I can't answer each of you individually, but please know how much I appreciate you all. Blessings, E

  8. Finally, a post that's not a problem for me. : ) I have more ideas than I can write about. I start dozens of posts, finish only a few ... now that's a problem! Finish something, anything! Now that I've admitted it here, I plan to finish two projects today that have been hanging around for a while. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the ideas, Edie. I think getting started with a blog is the problem for me - setting daily ideas aside, doesn't one need a defining reason for their blog? Published writers have a right to talk about writing - emerging geniuses (genii?) not so much. I too have blogs I follow, so I'll study the formats of the ones I love and see if there's hope for me yet! (Since I only started using Facebook in your ACFW class, I do have hope for blogging at some point. I am willing to learn!)

  10. Great ideas, Edie! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  11. Thanks,Edie. I was struggling with this yesterday. I've printed it out to post near my computer.


  12. This is why you're such an amazing blogger Edie! You always have new ideas!

  13. . . . you are a wealth of help and inspiration . . . thank you, Edie.

  14. Great ideas Edie! Ideas is something I'm not short on...but time is! Maybe someday I'll have enough time to write that I run out of ideas ;/

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