Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writing Opportunity—Why Aren’t You Writing for DevoKids

A guest post by Terri Kelly

Wait. Don’t shut down your computer. You can write for children.

I’ve listened to writers’ excuses and watched them dash away after they learned I represented the children’s market. Could their excuses be the same reasons you aren’t writing for DevoKids, yet?

Reason Number 1: You’ve never heard of DevoKids.

In July of 2012, will celebrate its third birthday as a children’s ministry. DevoKids is a branch of our adult ministry, Christian In addition to a weekly devotion, we publish monthly posts on music, nature, food, history, writing, science, crafts, book reviews, and author/occupational interviews.

Writing for DevoKids is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Reason Number 2: Kids make your palms sweat.

An audience four-feet tall and under (give or take a few inches), that demands concise and creative text, sounds scary. You write strictly for adults—not . . . those . . . little people.

How do you relate to an audience of eight to twelve-year-olds? Even if it’s been a century since you were a kid, sit down and retrieve your childhood memories. Delve deep and write about what made you cry, wonder, get angry, or become ecstatic.

The experience will help you write from your core.

Reason Number 3: Writing 75-250 word count (300 at the most) is impossible.

Okay, everything sounded better until I mentioned the word count. You write 100,000 word adult fiction—sci-fi-fantasy-with-a-romantic-amish-twist-novels. Writing with a 300 word limit causes heart palpitations worse than when you read a Steven James thriller. 

Relax my friend. My assistant editors and I don’t use knives to cut your words. As you’ve heard before . . . make every word count.

The experience will sharpen your write tight muscles. 

Reason Number 4: You have to earn a living.

True, our ministry does not pay in green dollar bills but in God’s economy, your talent will be a tithe of your time. If you write for DevoKids, we’ll link to your website, blog, and published books.

The experience will bulk your writing vitae.

Ready? Writing for kids isn’t easier, but it is “specialer.” Jesus wants us to bring the children to Him . . . suffer the little children. There’s a crop of kids thirsty for truth.

Right now, I am most in need of devotions and eager to read your submissions to DevoKids.

Why are you waiting? Open your computer. You can write for children.

Send your submissions to:

Terri Kelly is the Editor of, and works with a staff of writers who keep DevoKids alive and well on the web. She also serves as a staff writer for and is a featured faculty member at conferences, teaching the art of writing for children. She has a Masters Degree in Education and is published in Spirit and Heart: A Devotional Journey and Faith and Family: A Devotional Pathway for Families.


  1. You've inspired me, Miss Kelly. I think I'll give it a try.

  2. Hmmm... I think I might be able to do this. Thanks for the challenge :)

  3. I'm working on it! And I appreciate your help and encouragement!-cyn-