Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Divine Obsession

by Edie Melson

I write because I must.

A spark jumps, something begging be shared.
A time of silence, without words,
Icy darkness.
And then the flame flickers, the words pour forth.
Divine inspiration on paper.
As I write I touch the One who wrote the world into existence.
A God of words, Creator.
I am made in His image.
My soul communes with the divine when the words break free.
I write to touch others, I write to touch myself.
Thoughts inside begging to be expressed.
Sometimes falling like lead, painful—without echoes.
At times, feathers—floating from my grasp.
Then, they rush forth like water, a torrent, satisfying
A worth of their own.
The drops become a river, inviting others to drink.
They take life and speak.

I write because I must.

Painful times, when the words don’t come
The icy silence of the an empty page
Glorious times when the words flow with grace, sweeping across the pages,
Answering divine echoes deep within my soul.
Words are my craft, they are my blood, poured out.
Meter, rhyme, cadence, rhythm.
The words live, with a heartbeat all their own

I write because I must.

My soul longs for expression.
I want to touch others the way I’ve been touched.
Reaching out, offering hope and comfort.
A writer’s soul is deep.
The thoughts have roots
Sharing is painful, a nakedness of self, exposed.
Vulnerable, shy,
The words express who I am and who I want to be.
My words are my becoming.


  1. Wow, wow, wow, Edie! I'm constantly amazed at the talents you have been given...and the faithfulness you have to share them.

    You blessed me this morning!

  2. I can relate, I can relate, I can relate ... I just can't express it in that way. Thanks for saying it so beautifully.

  3. Thank you for stating my thoughts so well. Great post. Inspiring.

  4. Wow! You expressed what is in my soul. Thank you for putting it into words.

  5. I Tweeted the link. This is sooo good, Edie!

  6. Gorgeous, Edie.Amazing. Beautiful.

  7. I diddo everything everyone else said. Fabulous, poetic post. Soooo true!

    Debra Ullrick

  8. ...and a poet too. Is there anything you don't do? (Hey, that rhymed! ;)

  9. Thank you all so much! I always struggle with sharing my poetry, so this means a lot.
    Blessings, E

  10. "My words are my becoming." Wow, I'm going to remember that! Great!

  11. Edie, this is beautiful. I think you should consider giving this out in hard copy at next year's Boot Camp. Yep, that's right...I'm already planning to be there. Please don't ever hesitate to share your poetry again. Love you!

  12. You expressed yourself in a beautiful way! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Incredible, Edie! Thanks for sharing this!

  14. Beautifully stated...beautifully written!

  15. "The drops become a river, inviting others to drink.
    They take life and speak"

    Edie, this is so inspirational and how true! Thank you for giving me this word picture. So often I cannot explain my own writing, but you just did.

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