Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend Worship—Faithfulness here…now?

He who is faithful in very little is faithful also in much... Luke 16:10

When I was young all I wanted to be was a writer. As a matter of fact, I actually wrote my first novel in eighth grade…long hand, with a purple ink pen. But through the years, my dream of writing drifted farther and farther from the realm of reasonable possibilities, until I finally I gave up.

But as a young mother of three kids, God revived that call. At first I was scared, but then I got excited. Oh the plans I made—I’d write Bible studies and spend my time traveling, speaking and working for God.

I finished my first Bible study and the printer ink was barely dry before I had the manuscript in an envelope and on the way to publisher. I could see my future so clearly and I was on fire, with plans to do great things in His kingdom. All He had to do was open this one door.

Not only did He not open that door, it seemed every door had slammed shut and locked. It quickly became obvious that going and doing weren’t part of the call He’d placed on my life. Instead, the doors at home began to swing wide, as He invited me to share my story with those closest to me. 

As I swallowed my pride and became obedient to act where He’d placed me, the fruit began to grow. Years later, going and doing has become part of my call, but first I’d had to learn obedience and the difference between His will and mine.


  1. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but I appreciate your awareness of His working around you - in both opening and closing particular opportunities. You could have settled for "good enough" but like a perfect Father, God desired only His best for you - and for those your words would touch. Sometimes His closing a door is His most loving act of all.

  2. The door may have closed then, it's not to say it will not reopen. Sometimes, we're just not ready to walk through the door and that's the reason God shuts it. Eventually, time will tell if that door reopens--that nagging feeling in the back of your mind will become too much to bear. For as we know, God speaks to us in a still small voice.

  3. Praise God that I've had the joy of going and doing with you. What a mighty God we serve!

  4. Thanks for the reminder of the role that obedience plays in following God's call.

  5. Amen, sister. Well-written and what I needed to hear this morning.