Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Taking Twitter to the Next Level

More and more folks these days are discovering Twitter
That’s a good thing because it’s easier to connect with more people.

It’s also bad, because the population explosion makes it harder to stand out.

So it's time to take it to the next level. 
Here are my tips to make every tweet count! 
  • Let someone else benefit from what you've found helpful.
  • Share about someone else’s success.
  • Pass along opportunities.
Tweeting, retweeting are perfect ways to do this. 

When you compose an announcement for Twitter, keep your audience in mind and use these ideas to whet their curiosity. 
  • Use open ended questions.
  • Bring up an intriguing point.
  • Hit on a subject that everyone struggles with AND show that you have an answer.
  • And don't forget to tweet regularly. Need some suggestion how - here's my personal schedule.

Don’t make these mistakes. 
  • Don''t hog the Twitter feed - space out your tweets.
  • Don’t give away the ending.
  • Don’t sum up your post.
  • Don’t give them a reason to not visit your site.
And the most important Twitter Tip:

Remember, it’s a conversation—not a platform for self advertising!

Now it’s your turn. What suggestions do you have for making every tweet count? also be sure to include your Twitter name and we can follow each other!

Don’t forget to join the conversation!


  1. I'm getting the hang of tweeting slowly but surely with your guidance! Thanks Edie!

  2. Thanks Edie for helping me understand Twitter in your BRMCWC class. As you suggested, I used a hashtag on my blog this week and a lady from The Netherlands found my tweet. She works as a volunteer for ALS. The ALS hashtag I used helped me find the people I am looking to communicate with! I'm excited!! Thanks:)

  3. Celeste, you're doing great. It's important to take your time and move at your own pace - don't let anyone dictate that to you!
    Judy, I'm so excited to hear about your success! Thanks so much for letting us know.
    Blessings All, E

  4. Hi Edie:

    I'm interested in ordering your Social Media book, however, I have a Sony Ereader. Will you be offering it on Smashwords, or the Sony Ereader store, or perhaps on PDF through your own site? It would be helpful to have other options for folks who don't have the Kindle and Nook, and yes, I know both of them have apps, but I don't like reading long material on my phone or computer.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  5. Excellent list of tips. Well done! I realize I don't ask enough questions on Twitter - will remedy that.

  6. I really need to hunker down and get a program to "space out" my tweets. I realized I tweet in bursts when I have times, which may or may not be helpful to people who follow me. Recently, I've noticed with the "retweet" feature that people aren't writing tweets short enough for you to comment or even put a RT on it - so you have to just hit "retweet."

  7. Edie, I would never have started Tweeting without your encouragment. Thanks for all the tips.

  8. Anonymous, I'm asking my publisher about this. If you'll email me, I'll be happy to keep you up to date.
    Karen, it's hard to not get stuck in a Twitter rut. I definitely have to be very deliberate about my tweet composition.
    Stacy, I really like Tweetdeck to schedule my tweets.
    Beth, you were a natural! :)
    Blessings All, E

  9. I don't get the hashtags even though I see them all the time. I bet you already posted an explanation and I missed it. I have several of your posts in a "to read" folder but haven't caught up yet. Do you have a link to one in particular that explains them? Thanks!

  10. Kim, Here's the link to my post that explains hashtags,
    But a quick explanation, a hashtag or number sign, before a word makes that word searchable within the Twitter universe. I've connected with lots of folks because I've searched for #write - and they've connected with me the same way. Also see Judy's comment above. Feel free to send me an email or post additional questions for clarification.
    Blessings All - E