Friday, March 4, 2011

Young Adult Pirate Author Seeks to Raise $10,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation

The Curse of Captain LaFoote

Raleigh, NC— Social networking has changed the way young people communicate. Can we keep books in “their” loop?  According to KidSay Market Researchers, Facebook is now the favorite website among tween (8-11) boys and teen (12-15) girls. Over 90% of tween boys and girls play games online. Could a pirate tale be the perfect antidote to the adolescent blank-stare fascination with video games?
“My goal in writing this book was to spur the imagination of young readers. Boys especially,” says Young Adult author, Eddie Jones. “I wanted to create within them a desire to read and set sail for a life of adventure on the high seas.” Note: Eddie sails and surfs and sometimes works. “I also want to help kids (and adults) who suffer with epilepsy. My goal is to raise $10,000 for the Epilepsy Foundation in honor of Ricky Bradshaw, the hero of the book.” (Ricky suffers from epilepsy.) “For each book sold, the publisher will donate a few pieces of eighthalf a sandy dollarto the Epilepsy Foundation.”
Jones says, regardless of how well the book sells, if it helps others become “Seizure Smart!” and raises money to fight epilepsy, it’s a success.

About the Book

RICKY BRADSHAW has never sailed the Caribbean Sea, searched for buried treasure or battled pirates on the deck of a Spanish Galleon. He’s never fallen through the floor of Davy Jones’ locker or watched an old fisherman morph into a porpoise. All Ricky knows is his lonely life with his widowed mom in a tiny apartment overlooking a marina on the Chesapeake Bay. But all that changes on a snowy Christmas Eve when Ricky’s apartment building burns down and he falls into the chilly waters while trying to save a dog with shrimp breath. Suddenly Ricky finds himself thrust into a world where there is surprising beauty on every island, danger around every corner and great honor and glory ahead of him… if only Ricky can summon the courage to survive the curse of Captain LaFoote.

About the Author

Eddie Jones is a full time freelance writer and author of five non-fiction books, one young adult novel, and one adult romantic comedy. He sails, surfs and freely admits: “I'm a boat swab at heart and thief and liar when honest work proves unprofitable.”
A Young Adult / Tween novel, Rated PG13
eBook ISBN - 978-1-935600-05-3 Available in Kindle
Print ISBN - 978-1-935600-04-6 Available on February 14, 2011
Visit his website here.

Reviewers say:
"Eddie Jones has 15-year-old angst down to a science with his warm and witty style of writing." - James Watkins.

"The Curse of Captain LaFoote is the perfect fix for some swashbuckling fun! Eddie Jones brings his time-travel pirate adventure to life with humor, adventure and thoughtful moments that boys will enjoy and their parents will appreciate!" - Christopher P. N. Maselli.

"The Curse of Captain LaFoote by Eddie Jones is a rollicking adventure filled with humor, mystery and the sea." - Doris Fisher.

"This imaginative, Caribbean adventure and colorful characters will hook readers and take them for a tremendous ride! Eddie laced courage, bravery and a tad of romance together for a fresh and fun read!" - Jill Roman Lord.

"Fresh funny fantasy...a book young readers are sure to enjoy." - Max Elliot Anderson.

"Teaser Chapters leave you wanting more! Quite a beginning for the troubled teenage kid. This is a must buy…" "Jones intertwines the foundation of good characters into a cleverly written storyline. Middle school kids will drop quickly into the life of Ricky Bradshaw and relate to the situations and antics he's thrown into…" "I laughed and sped my way through this book. Great characters and a wacky adventure with a wonderfully dry sense of humor."

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  1. Looks like a fantastic book for a fantastic cause! I will be buying one for my son and his friend who has epilepsy. This friend does nothing but play video games when he is not in school so this cause is perfect for him! Thanks Edie for giving attention to this!

  2. Thanks, Edie! I have books and a Purple Pirate Eye Patch sample. The voyage continues!