Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Review—A Novel Idea, Best Advice on Writing Inspirational Fiction

Today I'd like to introduce you to fellow writer, Renee' Cassidy. She'll be contributing regularly to our Thursday Review Section and I know you'll enjoy getting to know her as she gives us her ideas on tools that can help writers. Join me in welcoming her to the Write Conversation family!

A Novel Idea
Best Advice on Writing Inspirational Fiction
by Chi Libris
a review by Renee' Cassidy

Poignant advice from some of America’s top selling novelists makes this a MUST HAVE book for both reference and reflection. The threads of a Christian journey and fundamentals of writing fiction make this book both entertaining and informative.

This book is clear, concise, and well organized within 300 pages. Through four parts, it gleans the heart and purpose of a Christian writer. The vast experience of the writers highlighted commands a broad audience for the would-be fiction writer.

Included in the four part-sections are Fiction Fundamentals, Development of Writing, Marketing and the Distinctive of Christian Fiction. The book’s sidebars tip the scales for me—making this truly a book to treasure. My favorite is the Francine Rivers interview where she shares her experiences with some tough subjects in her honest and humble tone. I greatly admire her work and her honesty in her interview is inspiring beyond words. Another great section is “Discerning your calling” which distinguishes this book from any other secular how to write fiction book.

The fundamentals of Fiction are solid and include the basic elements of a story, plot, characters, dialogue, point of view, pacing, setting and descriptions. The Developing Your Craft section is written for both the novice and expert writer, it reminds us of the importance of a writer’s craft. We must work hard, write, rewrite and then rewrite again. How refreshing it is to catch a real life glimpse of how these bestselling authors had the same struggles as any new writer would have.

The last section deals with the last and most important part of a writer’s work. To write a good book is one thing, but equally important is to make the book the best it can be. This section deals with a critique group’s relationship to making a writer’s work better. The final step of an author is to break into publishing and this book covers the steps of proposals, formatting, and then attending writer’s conferences and promoting the work.

The tidbits of each contributing writer’s personality and love of their craft—as well as God—binds us as readers to the book and our calling.

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Renee Cassidy is an experienced freelance writer and photographer. In 2006 she won the Writer's Digest Short Story Contest and has gone on to write for multiple publications. With a degree in marketing she brings her varied experience to the benefit of her clients.
She has two grown children and currently lives with the two men in her life - Fritz, her German Shephered and Australian Cash, her quarter horse.


  1. Hey Renae! What a joy to see your smiling face this morning! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about A Novel Idea. I'd not heard of it. Hope you have an awesome Christmas, sweet friend!

  2. Hi Renae and Edie! I was wondering if I might include Renae's review on A Novel Idea in our next AAW newsletter due out Jan. 13th? It is a great review!

    Also, Edie, I looked but couldn't find the page for your Why Blog? article. Wanted to put that in our newsletter as well. I will, of course, add your link to your marvelous website. Thanks

  3. Oops! Sorry I spelled Renee's name wrong.