Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend Worship—Real Life

Love is patient . . .
Today is our 29th wedding anniversary. And while it may seem strange to use a devotion post to talk about my marriage it really isn’t. You see, I’ve experienced the love of Christ through my marriage.

Now a lot of us have probably had moments where the love of Jesus shone through someone’s act of love or kindness, but I’ve lived in that place for 29 years. Kirk has modeled Jesus’ love for me moment by moment and year by year.

He’s shown me that while love is a great feeling—the fulfillment is of it is truly an action.

He encourages my dreams, supports me when I falter, and most of all, forgives my faults. He doesn’t just love me in spite of my imperfections—he loves me through them.

To me, I Corinthians is real life, because of my husband.

I love you, Sweetheart!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you! What a moving tribute to your husband. It's a blessing to see.

  2. Yes! Happy, happy anniversary Edie & Kirk... and I pray you have MANY more to come!

  3. Awww, how sweet! Congratulations to both of you. You make a great team!

  4. Thanks for writing about what a marriage should be. Since I'm sure you've done the same for him, this is a wonderful tribute to you both. Happy Anniversary!

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  6. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing something so special with us!

  7. Love is a 24/7 life style. An you two still look good after 29 years. Congratulations.