Friday, December 11, 2009

Mastering Your Dream

When someone asks me what I do or where I work, I always hesitate to mention that I’m a writer. Not because I’m ashamed of it or think I’m not worthy to be called a writer, but because it often leads to some frustrating conversations. Let me see if any of you can relate to some of my experiences.

·        “I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Can you help me?”
·        “I have a book I’ve written. Can you send it to a publisher for me?”
·        “I used to write in high school, maybe you could look at a few things and tell me what you think.”
·        “I’ve been through (you fill in the blank) and want to write a book about it. Can you tell me how to get it published?”

Don’t get me wrong, there’ s nothing inherently wrong with these questions, the problem comes when I answer them. I’ve found that most people don’t really want to hear the truth – they want a shortcut to fame and fortune, not the truth.

·        There’s no shortcut to becoming a professional writer. It takes time and commitment.
·        I don’t have an inside track into getting your book published.
·        If I take the time to look at your samples, I’ll tell you the truth and that may not be what you really want.
·        It’s hard to sell a memoir or personal experience story. If you’re not incredibly famous—people probably won’t buy a story about you.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a master at your craft and writing is no different. Even exceptional talent needs time and experience to hone it into brilliance. Occasionally I come across someone who’s willing to put in the time and really learn about the craft of writing. Those individuals are a joy and I love taking time to help them. So let’s start the conversation and learn from each other!


  1. Very true Edie! And when you're called to write, it's worth the time to learn and hone your craft. And, the friends you make on the "write" journey are a blessing along the way!!

  2. Good word, Edie. I run into an acquaintance occasionally who keeps reminding me her life's story needs to be written and do I know a famous writer who would write it. You're right, there are no shortcuts. Just having the dream of being a writer isn't enough. As in any worthwhile goal, it takes hard work, patience, and perserverence to achieve success in your chosen field. Keep inspiring us!

  3. Great post, Edie! I hate to even mention it because I can't remember who said it, but Someone Really Important said something like, "Writing is easy. Just go to the typewriter and open a vein." But the truth is, that's not all, either. You're right--there are no shortcuts. It just takes time.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. I understand this. Even though I'm not yet published, people ask all the time how to get published. They don't want to hear about the hard work though. Thanks for the info on this blog!

  5. Jennifer,
    Thanks for your encouraging comment! Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to see covered in the upcoming months. Blessings,