Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday Review - Snowflake Pro

Today I want to share a fiction writing program that I own and really love. It’s called Snowflake Pro. It was developed by writer, Randy Ingermanson.

This is an amazing program that takes you from the big picture of your story to the tiniest detail. I do have to admit that I tried this program reluctantly. I pride myself on being a ‘seat of the pants’ type writer—meaning I don’t outline the story in advance.

I thought a program like the Snowflake would cramp my creative style. Boy was I wrong! By helping me to get the details early, it freed my creative energy to work on the story. Now, I still don’t follow a concrete outline, but I love working with the Snowflake program as I develop my story.

Randy also has awesome customer service and the program runs on Mac or PC. It comes with an unbelievably generous license to run the program on up to 5 computers. All in all, this is one program I recommend.

NOTE: Randy also has a great e-zine for writers called Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine. It’s free and I read each issue every month!

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