Friday, December 6, 2019

Grow Your Blog by Avoiding These 9 Mistakes

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

Blogging is a great way to connect with our online audience. And while  there are a lot more people out there doing it well, I still see some common mistakes. These things affect a blog, making readers click away before they finish a post and even unsubscribe altogether. 

Today I’m going to share the top blogging mistakes I see from authors.

Blogging Mistakes
    • 1. Lack of Interaction. When someone takes the time and effort to comment on your blog post, it’s only polite to answer them. Sure there are days when we get busy and really can’t reply, but if you’re known for taking time to answer, those times will be forgiven. After all, look how patient you all are with me!
    • 2. Inconsistent Posting. I know I’ve said this at least one hundred times, but it bears repeating. If you expect readers to visit your blog consistently, they have the right to expect you to blog consistently.
      • 3. Weak Blog Post Titles. I know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover—or its title. But we all do it. Without compelling titles, blog posts go unread and readers unsubscribe.
      • 4. Little or No Formatting. Reading online takes more effort than reading actual ink on paper. Bloggers can overcome that with proper formatting. This includes using a sans-serif font, block formatting, bullet points, and bold subheadings. All these make the page easier to read.
      • 5. Too Many Grammatical Errors. I know, I really shouldn’t be the one throwing stones here. You all know I’ve allowed misspelled words, omitted words and grammatical errors into my posts. But  I’m referring to numerous errors in almost every single post.
      • 6. Lack of Focus. Variation isn’t bad, but don’t go overboard. A blog without a focus is a blog without an audience.
      • 7. Posts that are too Long. People today are way more willing to spend time rather than money. Regularly posting things that are more than 500 - 600 words long will cost you readers.
      • 8. No Images with Blog Posts. Just like the formatting issue, images help break up the text and provide for easier reading. They also give visual clues to the content.
      • 9. No Click to Tweet. We all want our posts to be shared, but sometimes we're not good at providing a simple way for readers to do that. Take time to learn how to install Click to Tweet and you'll be glad you did!
      These are the main mistakes I see consistently. But I'd love to know what mistakes you've encountered. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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      1. The 9th one is huge. I always use the click to tweet and always will ... if it's there. So take heed, bloggers.

      2. How do I do Click-to-Tweet for Blogger (blogspot)?

        1. Peggy, I have a screencast that shows how. The link won’t be clickable, but you can copy and paste it into your browser: