Saturday, November 30, 2019

Is Your Social Media Ready for the Holidays?

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

December will be here tomorrow and with it, Christmas. 

It only takes a little advance planning to cut down on the marketing stress that can come during the holidays. 

Now is the time to get your social media ready for the holidays.

Update Images
The first thing you want to look at your cover photo on the different platforms. Consider ways you could enhance it to give it a warm, holiday feel. 

There are two sites I recommend to make cover images: Canva and  PicMonkey. It’s an online photo editing site and even includes templates for sites like Facebook. Here’s a screencast I shared, Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding Text to Images.

Beyond changing the look of your platforms by changing your images, you’ll need to plan ahead for social media updates. 

Plan Updates
Let’s face it, the holidays are fun, but they’re also hectic. By planning out some holiday updates in advance can save your sanity and keep the momentum going. Here are some ideas for fun social media updates:
  • Share your favorite holiday recipe and ask your friends/followers to share theirs. 
  • Ask your followers to give you tips on sanity savers during the holidays.
  • Share a crazy holiday faux pas and ask others to share theirs.
  • Share some of your favorite holiday reads.
  • Ask for decorating ideas.
  • Share a holiday tradition and ask for others to chime in.
  • Ask about favorite holiday movies.
  • Share your favorite Christmas carol and ask your friends to share theirs.
I think you get the idea.

But by planning these out in advance, you can have a list ready to go and not have to spend valuable time creating them.

Plan Blog Posts
You can also plan some blog posts in advance. The holidays are a good time to plan a giveaway. You can also plan a holiday cookie recipe exchange and a holiday potluck recipe exchange for your blog. 

Now it’s your turn, share some holiday conversation starters, and blog post ideas.

Don’t forget to join the conversation!

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  1. Yes December is sneaking up on us. We can also read Unruffled so our feathers can stay smoother. Those tips are reminders of some things I can prepare for. Happy holiday season!