Thursday, September 13, 2018

The One Habit I had to Break to Become a More Confident Writer

Edie here. Today I'm really excited to post a new video from Great American Novelist, Warren Adler. In it he shares how all writers have habits they need to break.

by Warren Adler @WarrenAdler

The One Habit I had to Break to Become a More Confident Writer - @WarrenAdler on @EdieMelson (Click to Tweet)


  1. I am not a novelist, however I will take what he says to heart and apply it to my writing.

  2. Wow. That was excellent advice. Thanks, Edie!

  3. Thanks for posting this video, Edie. This encouraging word from Warren Adler makes me want to listen to his wise counsel. This is also a confirmation to what my husband has told me a million times. "Finish before you submit your work for critique or scrutiny. All art is subjective. Trust in your ability and call to write. No one but you can tell the story that lives inside your head." Though I've made mistakes on my writing journey, you always encourage me to learn from them and grow to be the writer I'm meant to be. Love you, Edie!

  4. It is too easy to get criticism and throw up your hands and throw in the towel.

  5. Great video! Reminds me of when I started out writing seriously thirty years ago. Thankfully, my early teachers warned me about rejections and similar things. Too many beginning writers quit right when they're on the verge of getting published.