Thursday, April 19, 2018

Quit Writing From a Place of Fear and Find Your Joy

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

A while back, I was having difficulties with a project I was working. As I tried to figure out why, it dawned on me that instead of writing with courage and faith, I was writing from a place of fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of expectations.

Fear of others and how I might be perceived.

No wonder I was having such a difficult time. The revelation stunned me. If there’s one thing I pride myself on (and that should have been my first clue I was about to fall flat on my face), it’s the thought that I’m not afraid of anything.

As I travel and speak to writers, that’s one of the first things I share with them. “You must approach this writing life with courage. Be brave and willing to try things that seem scary.”

So what did I do to overcome this roadblock?

1.  I took it to God in prayer. His word is clear on the fact that we’re not supposed to fear. I acknowledged what I’d been doing and turned my fears over to Him.

2.  I made a list of all the things I was afraid of. I didn’t just think about them in my mind. I put them on paper. Know what I discovered? Most of the things I was worried about looked pretty silly on paper.

3. I looked at the things that weren’t silly and turned them upside down. For example: I was afraid someone I loved would misunderstand my motive. To turn it upside down I considered the possibility that someone God loved would see Him more clearly. Yes, what I was fearful about could happen, but so could the other things. After looking at things differently, I decided it was worth the risk.

4. I gave myself permission to write from a place of courage. I turned away from those voices that warned of the bad things that could come. Instead, I spread my writing wings and soared into the freedom of wordplay. I recaptured the joy of writing from my heart, exploring the whisperings of God in the depths of my soul. I rediscovered writing from a place of grace.

Today I’d like you to take a long look at where you are with your writing. Ask yourself if you’re writing from a place of grace or a place of fear. Then leave a comment below, committing to a new season writing from grace.

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  1. Thanks for the blessing this morning Ms. Edie. No fears of writing, as the act itself brings me great peace and comfort. Fears exist though. Am I good enough? Why would anyone want to read anything I had to say? On and on the list seems to cycle its way through my mind. When I notice it, I stop and pray for peace. The joy returns. God's blessings ma'am...

    1. Jim, that's a great description of what many of us experience! Blessings, E

  2. I need to do this daily. Take a long look at where I'm at and the goals before me. You have been such an encouragement, Edie. Take care and God bless. Donevy

    1. Donevy, we all need to do that! Blessings, E

  3. Excellent post, Edie! Many of us sift through life experiences for one that won't upset the apple cart and then we tip-toe when we write the story. Life is full of writing experiences and it usually involves other people. This is where we learn, and this is a story to be told so others may learn too. I'm pointing fingers at myself as I write this. Thanks, Edie! Yes, fear is very intimidating. It can and will hold us back if we allow it.

    1. Loretta, you're so right. Thank you for sharing your insight! Blessings, E

  4. Writing itself is scary. You are putting your words out for the whole world to read.
    My biggest fear is being misunderstood since English is not my native language. This happens often. You say one thing and people understand another.
    You don't have the benefit of tone and body language to convey meaning when you write.
    There is also the fear of offending someone or worse, be ignored.
    And yet, we keep writing because it is a calling and because we want to reach others with our stories.
    Thanks for the encouraging post, Edie.
    Let's face our fears with courage.
    I read somewhere if you are not afraid while writing, you are doing it wrong.

    1. Ingmar, excellent thoughts! And just FYI, according to a new study only 25% of Internet usage is by people who speak English as a native language. You might have a farther reach than you ever imagined. Blessings, E

  5. Dear Edie,

    It's as if you wrote this just for me. As you know, my word of the year is joy. But when do I experience joy? Writing, or spending special moments with friends.... But I too here the voices that say I'm not good enough, that my writing a fashion blog is frivolous or a waste of time... Thanks for the shot of encouragement. I needed that.

    Love you,

    1. Dear Laurie, never give into the negative voices! What you have to say is valuable and God wants your voice as part of Hid chorus, Blessings, E

  6. Thank you for another encouraging and challenging post! I appreciated your point about focusing on what God intends to do with our writing to point others to Himself. It's so easy to focus on our fears, rather than that. Thank you! Bethany

    1. Bethany it’s so easy to get distracted! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Blessings, E

  7. This....this is just what I needed today. I just got contracted and received edits and I have struggled with pushing through them. When I read this, I knew immediately my problem is fear. Fear of making a bigger mess. Fear of not having what it takes. Fear of looking stupid. So thank you for sharing your heart and thank you for pointing me in the right direction.