Sunday, March 26, 2017

Faith for the Word People

by Edie Melson

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

As writers, we have chosen to follow a difficult path. I remember, after a particularly hard week, my husband remarked that he wished I’d chose another career, something simple—like becoming a movie star. 

His comparison was more appropriate than he realized. Success, for both career choices appears, from the outside at least, to rely on being popular with a lot of people. Reaching the top seems to come and go with the whims of an unknown audience. We struggle and strive for numbers—likes on our Facebook pages, followers on Twitter, and ultimately sales numbers. We seek to please our readers, our publishers, even other writers.

We are word people, caged and captured by numbers.

But when we have chosen this path at God’s calling, our focus needs to be somewhere other than those who will read our words. Our audience is an audience of One, and it is to Him and Him alone that we owe our allegiance. He will dictate, with wisdom far beyond our own, who will read our words and the reach they will have. And I for one, am well pleased to leave my destiny in His capable hands.

So today I encourage you to seek out the joy of your audience, because I know He is well pleased by your obedience to follow His call. Let Him lavish you with praise and protect you from worry. Leave the numbers to Him and concentrate only on the words.

"Without the right focus, we are word people, caged & captured by numbers" - @EdieMelson (Click to Tweet)


  1. This is just what I needed this morning, Edie! Thank you.

  2. Irony, I'm wearing a shirt that says Walk By Sight, Not Faith. Be rational and realistic, please, or you might lose a reader. Superstition, magic, ghouls and gods are for another mailing list.

    1. Steve, I respect the fact that your world view is atheist. My world view is Christian. I'd hate to think we couldn't discuss writing because of that difference.

  3. "Word people caged and captured by numbers"--WORD. Oh the beauty of the perspective of the Audience of One. Thanks so much! LOVE.

  4. Well said, Edie! May we not forget the One we write for.

  5. Thank you Edie. This is just what I needed to hear.