Sunday, November 6, 2016

Do Thou For Me

by Danetta Kellar @DanettaKellar

There is a beautiful blessing in one of the languages of Africa that is traditionally bestowed upon children. It essentially says, “May God undertake for you. May He do whatever is needed on your behalf”. It is a gentle and loving blessing that is spoken generously to children young and old. I have often wanted to speak it over children I meet along the way in my home culture, but then I sadly remember that far away language is not spoken or understood here.

Growing up is a difficult task. It is fraught with challenges, and children need help along the way. They need to know there is a God who longs to undertake for them, to do whatever is needed to help them. As followers of Christ and children of God, we all, no matter our ages, need to know this truth as well.

Psalm 109:21 is a universal blessing for all of God’s children, a promise to help us along life’s challenging way.

There are times when the doing that needs done in our lives is beyond our understanding. We groan under the burden of trials and push against the obstacles that would block our way. We become exhausted and weary, confused and spiritually dull. The words to frame our prayers seem incomplete, incoherent. We cannot exactly articulate what we really need.

Do Thou for me, O God the Lord. This word from Psalm 109 shines for every heart bowed low in the fog of weariness. It does not specify what He will do. Only that He will do. Whatever it is that is needed. The things you cannot see for yourself. The solution that evades you, just beyond your sight, just out of reach.

Like the kind grandfathers bestowing blessings upon the children they meet along the narrow paths of Africa, I imagine our heavenly Father walking the streets of our lives, stopping here and there to gently place his hand upon our heads, whispering, “I shall undertake for you. I shall do whatever is needed on your behalf. Go in blessing and peace.”

What do you need today? It is all right if you are not sure. He knows. Ask Him to do thou for you today. He will do whatever is needed for his children.


Danetta Kellar is a writer, blogger, and speaker. Her interesting life has taken her around the globe, where she has had the privilege to witness firsthand the transformation of women from all walks of life and culture as they exchange lies for the Truth found in Christ. 

Her writing flows out of this rich experience and her own continual search for treasures in life’s darkness. Connect with Danetta online through her blog, Riches Out of Darkness, and on Facebook, or Twitter. 


  1. Do Thou for me, O God the Lord... Thank you for this post. It is a gentle reminder of the God who wants to do so much for us. But we need to ask. This is a wonderful blessing to bestow on others, also. We don't have to know how to solve the problems we see around us. We only have to call on the one who does.

  2. Thank you, I needed this today.

    Blessings and hope for today.

  3. Oh Dannetta,
    We have not spoken in a long while but you brought me to tears with this one as I have just posted a heart wrenching post of a mothers love for her child with a Jesus intervention. Whew Please take a moment to read Jesus Met Me On The Plane
    Thank you for your inspiring others with your deep inspirational gifts. I'm learning to find my voice. One word at a time. Blessings