Monday, September 26, 2016

29 Quick & Easy Social Media Updates to Share

by Edie Melson @EdieMelson

Sometimes connecting with our readers through social media seems like such a time-consuming chore that we can’t pull together the energy to even try. Truthfully though, by doing a little bit on social media consistently, we can make great strides. Today I’d like to share some easy—quick—ways to make those important connections. My tips are divided into three sections—things we can do now and share later, things we can share on the fly, and things we should avoid sharing.

Things To Do Now and Share Later
1. Keep a running list of quotes that inspire you.

2. Use the FB save option and bookmark updates from others that you can        share later.

3. Make a list of open-ended questions you can ask.

4. Bookmark and save funny videos to share later.

Things to Share on the Fly
5. People love to complain about the weather. So share what the weather is doing in your area and ask for others to share their info.

Post a link to music.
6. Post a link to music. You can tie it to what you’re writing and get extra interest. For example, when I’m working on my Steampunk novel, I write listening to the Pandora station, Lindsey Stirling. When I’m working on my Christian living manuscript, I love to have on a station from Warren Barfield.

7. Share a picture of where you’re working. I’ve noticed that my friends and followers love it when I share pics of my screened in back porch.

8. Take a pic while you’re out shopping. Many stores will monitor mentions and they may share or like your update.

9. Post a Bible verse that spoke to you recently—the more recent the better.

10. We’re all more than just writers, capitalize on that and share a hobby or passion that gives your readers a better all-round picture of you as a person.

11. We all feel overwhelmed. So share something you’re doing that helps calm the chaos.

12. Post a link to a recent Amazon review you wrote for another author’s book.

13. Issue a challenge. Here are some ideas:
  • 3 Things you’re thankful for.
  • Move more.
  • Random act of kindness.

14. Share a favorite recipe.

15. Or if time doesn’t permit, ask for suggestions for something quick to fix for dinner.

Look at the calendar for inspiration and share
a silly holiday.
16. Look at the calendar for inspiration and share a silly holiday. (Every month I share a Calendar Days post that lists the funny & crazy holidays for the upcoming month.) Today is:
  • National Johnny Appleseed Day
  • National Pancake Day
  • National Dumping Day
  • National Shamu the Whale Day
  • Love Note Day
  • Batman Day
  • Family Day
  • Lumberjack Day

17. Everyone loves movies. List one of your old favorites, or ask for opinions about a recent release.

18. We’re writers and authors, don’t forget to share what’s on your To Be Read list.

19. Pets are always a great way to connect. If you have a furry friend, that’s a great way to connect on the fly. Share a funny story, a picture, or ask a question.

20. Everyone is engaged on social media. Ask for opinions on favorite networks and what updates people like to read most.

21. Travel is always a good topic. Share places you’ve been and places you’d like to go.

22. Share a quick meme. I love to use WordSwag on my phone to make fast memes while I’m out and about.

23. Don’t be afraid to be real on social media. If you’ve had something funny happen to you, share it. People trust those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

24. Always be aware of the seasons and share related content. With fall coming up, get ready because I love to post pictures of the beautiful changing trees.

25. Remember the day-of-the-week hashtags. For example, Thursday is TBT (Throw back Thursday). These are great conversation starters.

Things to Avoid Sharing
26. Stay away from political rants. Yes, most of us have options. If you choose to express them, make sure they’re not inflammatory—unless you’re trying to build a platform as a political activist or political writer.

Don't share anything derogatory about another person,
brand or situation.
27. Don’t share anything derogatory about another person, brand, or situation. Trust me when I say that you will NEVER regret being nice. Things shared on social media will stay on social media, so avoid the negative posts.

28. Avoid the poor-pitiful me post. This isn’t a legitimate request for prayer, but more on lines of: I’m having such a horrible day. I wish people wouldn’t be so mean. These are manipulative posts meant to elicit sympathy and get us to ask more questions.

29. I recommend you NOT share times when you’re away from home. Post vacation pictures when you return and don’t give burglars an open invitation. 

This list is just a start. Truthfully, it could go on forever. Now it’s your turn to add your favorite go-to social media updates. Be sure to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank you for the great tips. I love animals so I love when my writer friends post pics of their dog, cat, fish, or tarantula joining them at the keyboard. Yes, I do have a friend who keeps 10 tarantulas as pets, although he is not an avid writer. He dabbles. I don't think I could write with a tarantula next to me. I digress. Pictures capture my attention. I like to see what others are reading. There are so many good books, I need help choosing a good read.

    1. Cherrilynn, although I'm definitely NOT a spider fan, both of those are quick - excellent - ways to connect through social media. Blessings, Edie

  2. Edie, you always make it sound so easy. :)

    1. Sandy, it really doesn't have to be hard. I tend to approach things I don't have time for or don't enjoy and assume they're difficult. Thanks for stopping by, Blessings, Ed

  3. Ya, I TOTALLY broke the #29 rule!!! :-O Back in June, I posted a big, fat blog post about my upcoming trip!! Um, big fat DUH!!! Thankfully I live on a short little street where everybody knows everybody, and most knew I was away, and we keep an eye out for one another. Still, I knew I had the Big Dummy [dunce] cap on when I got home and shared all the pics!! LOL

    1. Robin, we've all broken some of the rules. I'm just glad everything turned out well! Blessings, E

  4. Great suggestions, Edie!
    Elva Martin
    Pres. ACFW-SC Chapter

  5. Whoops! Edie, in my just posted comment, I forgot to mention: I LOVE YOUR NEW BOOK, "While My Child is Away." What insights. I started reading it last night and even read some aloud to hubby. We loved the devotion on p.148, and laughed, where your three sons discovered a clay deposit near the backyard creek and "They became potters on the spot." And by the end of the summer you gave up on laundry and threw out their clothes. We have ONE grandson, but we can identify, you bet. Love, Elva Martin

  6. Edie,
    This is wonderful. I already do a good portion of this, but there are other helpful tips as well. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I LOVE this post, and I love your blog! So glad I found you. :)