Sunday, December 7, 2014

Weekend Worship—A Balanced Life Doesn’t Look Like We Think it Should

So, trust the Lord always, because he is our Rock forever. Isaiah 26:4

Everywhere we turn we’re being urged to find balance. In advertising we’re given soothing images of  candles, yoga, exercise, places to get away, etc. etc. etc. But I’ve recently begun to ask myself if that is really what living a balanced life is all about. And I’ve come to a startling revelation.

A balanced life doesn’t look like we think it should.

I’ve come to realize that balance isn’t an exterior thing, it’s an interior thing. I don’t care how strict we are about planning, diet, exercise, even environment, times of chaos will erupt. We know this is true by experience, but more importantly by looking at the life Jesus lived.

As we march through the New Testament, we see that he has times when the crowds are pushing in, clamoring for attention. We see times when his followers disappoint him. We even see times when he is faced with unexpected (in a human sense) death.

But we also see a perfect example of living a life of balance. And it has nothing to do with what’s going on around him, much less planning, diet, exercise or environment. It has everything to do with allowing God to direct his steps.

To paraphrase a popular song, sometimes He calms the storms and sometimes He calms His child.
So as I launch full-force into this Christmas season, I’m going to make some changes. I’m looking to God for balance, not at what’s happening around me. Care to join me?

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  1. Replies
    1. Jennifer, I'm glad for the company! Blessings, E

  2. Yes! Edie you verbalized what I've been getting on the inside for years. No matter what we do we'll never get outward circumstances to cooperate with what we perceive as balance. True balance is that inward steadiness no matter what's happening.

    It all boils down to one thing: Our relationship with the Lord and trust in Him.

    1. Susan, you are right. Our circumstances never cooperate! Blessings, E

  3. This is such a needed truth for the Christmas season -- and for all 12 months of the year, Edie!

  4. I think as we seek that balance, what we'll really find is trust in Jesus and his peace residing within us, every moment of every day.

    1. Debra, you're right. Trust in Jesus is what it really boils down to. Blessings, E

  5. I loved this, Edie. I've contemplated it before, and I completely agree with you. I find that when I set aside my own expectations for a day, for my to-do list, for a holiday season, I am much more in balance, and even more, I'm at peace with whatever the Lord allows into my day.

    This requires me to say no to things sometimes. I determined on December first that I wasn't going to be super busy, but almost all I've done is RUN through my days, tired, and bummed that I was so busy. I'm cutting back on some activities this Christmas season so I can be more attuned to the Lord's promptings, and so I can spend more quality time with Him and with my family. This is what balance will look like for me . . . I think. ;)