Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Review—Blogs and Online Resources for Writers

In this era we tend to be bombarded by all the information online. Today I’d like to give you a list of some of my favorite places to visit on the web. These are sites that I read regularly—places and people who have good content—delivered in a way that doesn’t use up my valuable time.

Blogs: - this is a new find for me and I really like what Ana’s doing here. - Rachelle Gardner is a literary agent and her blog was just picked as one of the ten best by Writers Digest. I’m glad they finally caught on—I’ve been following her for years! – Susan May Warren is a best-selling writer and extraordinary writing instructor. Her entire site is must read for anyone interested in writing fiction, but more on that later! – Cecil Murphey is an incredible writer and instructor. His blog is always a great source of information - Michael Hyatt is the CEO of Thomas Nelson and his insights on the publishing industry are invaluable. – this site is the official site of several writers conferences, but it’s so much more. Author and conference director Alton Gansky shares his wisdom about writing through posts, videos and screen casts. - Jack Cavanaugh is an amazing writer and shares some really great excerpts from his personal library. - this is a blog I’ve just started following and I’m really enjoying it. - started by author Gina Holmes, this site is also listed as one of Writers Digest’s best sites for writers. - Beth is a good friend of mine and fellow editor. I’ve learned so much from her insight into writing. - Vonda Skelton is my critique partner and writing BFF. I definitely wouldn’t be the writer I am today without her! - this is a group blog and one of my favorites. - Seth Godin is considered one of the icons of online marketing. Anyone with a blog can learn from his pithy posts. - I learn so much from Carol Tice, author of this site. Her posts have had a huge part in my freelance success. - both of these are great blogging sites.

I follow a lot of folks on Twitter and a good way to find new people to follow is to go to someone’s Twitter page and follow the folks they follow. But to save you the trip, here’s a short list my favorites. Sincere apologies to anyone I’ve left off my favorites list!

People to Follow on Twitter:
@adgansky – Aaron Gansky
@kikoloni – Kristi Hines
@queenbeedm – Debbie Marrie
@evamarieeverson – Eva Marie Everson
@writersdigest – Writers Digest Magazine
@BRMCWC – Alton Gansky
@novilistjack – Jack Cavanaugh
@copyblogger – Brian Clark
@jrvogt – Josh Vogt
@terrywhalen – Terry Whalen
@bethvogt – Beth Vogt
@elizabethscraig – Elizabeth S Craig
@susanmaywarren – Susan May Warren
@anemulligan – Ane Mulligan
@michaelhyatt – Michael Hyatt
@marydemuth – Mary DeMuth
@rachelhauck – Rachel Hauck
@rachellegardiner – Rachelle Gardiner
@jamesscottbell – James Scott Bell
@grammargirl – Mignon Fogerty
@eddiesnipes – Eddie Snipes
@altongansky – Alton Gansky
@andybryant – Andy Bryant

Online groups to join: - this is for more advanced writers, but they have another group for beginners - this is a great resource for writers. - this is a site for editors and those who are interested in editing. - American Christian Fiction Writers. This site also has a great e-zine, Afictionado. - Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators - My Book Therapy. They also have a great writers e-zine, Voices. - The My Book Therapy e-zine. - the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference Yahoo group.

Now it's your turn, what are some of your favorite sites?
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  1. Always love to read Jenny B. Jones. It brightens my day. She's extremely funny. Also, I check in with the folks at Seekerville.

    Lisa Carter
    Sweet Tea with a Slice of Murder

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  3. Good morning!
    Thanks for the mention(s), Edie--what a way to start my day with encouragement! Your blog is always a must-read for me too. And I like our you-tweet-I-tweet unspoken agreement--but, hey, we're interested in the same things.
    My blog, In Others' Words, is going to be changing (expanding) in weeks to come, but for now the emphasis is on quotes--fun, inspiring, quirky. I am a quote aficionado.
    I always read Josh Vogt's blog Write Strong ( And yes, Josh is my son--but he's his own presence in the writing world, both fiction and non-fiction, with more of an ABA-slant.
    And I like The Writers Alleys (
    I've got more, but I'll let someone else chime in.

  4. I'm still surprised at how much I enjoy Seth Godin's blog since his insights can be applied to everyday life as well as marketing and business. I frequently head over to Random Jottings by Richard L. Mabry, MD. He features interviews with other writers, as well as his own wisdom.

    Thanks, Edie, for a thorough list of sites and twitters to visit and read.

  5. Hey Edie, I love your blog! You're a natural teacher, and it comes through with all the resources and information you share. I also love Vonda Skelton and Jody Hedlund's blog. You gals are at the top of my must-read list. Thanks!