Social Media Coach

Social Media Coaching Services

In today's market, social networking is no longer an option you can afford to miss. With more and more people connecting to businesses and each other, it's vital to have a presence in the conversation.

Edie can take the fear out of the unknown of social networking and give you the ability to connect with confidence. Let her help you navigate the maze of social networking options. 

Edie offers her expertise by the hour or in packages - with options to fit every budget!

Social Media Evaluation
Edie offers a big-picture look at where you are with your digital life. It includes a 3+ page written evaluation of what you're doing right and where you can improve. This can be a stand alone eval for $50, or is included with the packages and at the start of an hourly consultation contract. 
Hourly Consultation
After reviewing your needs and current situation, Edie is available to consult over the telephone, Skype, or in person for a flat fee of $65 per hour. If, after the consultation, you decide a package is a better fit, the first hour's fee will be deducted from the package price.

Please contact Edie directly to set up the appointment at ediegmelson(at)gmail(dot)com.

Social Media Beginner - if this describes your response to social networking this is the package for you. Edie can help bring you up to speed on Facebook, Twitter and blogging. She'll provide handouts (through email or hard copy) so you can have something concrete to hang on to.

This package includes an evaluation of YOUR needs and current situation. She'll walk you through set up of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Hootsuite and, if she determines the time is right, a blog. She will be available for three hours of additional consultation, which can be broken into 15 minute increments, as well as ongoing email questions.

Social Media Overhaul - This package is for the person who is familiar with social networking and already has some pieces in place. Perhaps you're not seeing results, or uncertain where to focus your efforts. Edie can help evaluate your needs and get you back on track.

This package involves an in depth evaluation of where you are with social media and a recommendation of the where to focus your efforts.

There is an add-on option to this package. It includes two hours of consultation, by phone, online or in person to walk you through the additions or changes you need to make.

Social Media Next Level - this is for the person who is fairly savvy about social networking. It includes an in depth review of where you currently are with your social marketing strategy and areas you can grow or add to amp up your results.

This package also includes one hours of consultation by phone, online or in person.

Edie Melson—author, blogger, and speaker—is a leading professional within the publishing industry as well as a popular instructor and mentor. Her heart to help other define and reach their dreams has connected her with writers across the country.

A a respected expert in social media, she has the proven expertise to teach others how to plug in without sacrificing valuable writing time. Her bestselling ebook on this subject has recently been updated, expanded, and re-released as Connections: Social Media & NetworkingTechniques for Writers.

Her top-ranked blog for writers,, reaches thousands each month, and she’s the Director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. She’s also the Social Media Director for Southern Writers Magazine, the Social Media Mentor at My Book Therapy, and the Senior Editor for Connect with Edie on Twitter and Facebook.